Mapping Tuesday's mayoral results by ward

Mayoral winners by ward

Matthew in Boston created this unusual look at who won which wards on Tuesday. See it larger.

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Two thoughts

1) At first glance, this makes my eyes hurt.

2) "Ward Winners" is an interesting way to look at the election. By ward, a number of candidates did pretty well. Course, the number of people voting in each ward is pretty different...


It's true that wards have vastly different populations and they are archaic in origin. But any sort of geographical map is going to distort the electoral picture.

And for all that, I have to say, ward (and precinct) boundaries do figure fairly prominently in local politics, for whatever reason.

It's just one perspective, that's all. I thought it was interesting how geographically contiguous the candidates' bases were.

Typocartography or cartotypography?

Either way, I love it. Matthew, I assume this is generated. Can you give a brief explanation of how this was done? Ideas for enhancement would be to use different typefaces for different candidates and use font weight to depict margin of victory.


Actually it was done by hand. I used the Envelope Deformation filter in Inkscape. That lets you edit splines around the frame of a path. It didn't take too long. I thought about trying to incorporate other info like runner-up candidate, but let it go. It's an SVG so I guess I could auto-generate some changes which follow the existing paths. Maybe if I have time I'll look at it.


Um, no.

Um, no.

My family is party Puerto Rican, even originally from the city of Arroyo, but I feel do not feel any sentiment for Felix. He has no plan to fix the schools, instead he just plays lip service to the unions.

I also find it interesting that Arroyo did not win East Boston, which has a higher percentage of Hispanic residents than other city wards. It's worth pointing out that East Boston is mostly Central and South American, while Arroyo is Borinquen. The liberal diversity police always paint Latinos as a homogenous group, when it is anything but.