Marv Albert gets his panties in a bunch over crowd noise at Celtics game



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"former Knicks analyst" .. and rapist. Very credible source.


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Marv's accusing the Celtics of faking it.... what a biting comment.


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... I mean ... touche!


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id rather have the crowd noise pumped in than a guy with a wig wearing lingerie calling our games.

Its true

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Celtics have been pumping in fake crowd noise during the "Noise Time" segments of the game for years. "Noise Time" is shown on the Jumbotron, usually coming out of a timeout. The place gets loud, but when you look around no one is cheering to the level that the noise would indicte. As soon as the other team scores, the noise drops back down to normal levels. It is a glaring difference. I go to a lot of games and have been telling my friends for years that the Noise Time noise is fake - all other crowd noises are real.

So what.

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It's called Noise Time, after all.

And although I rarely go to pro sporting events like Celtics games, when I do attend a game, I expect it will be noisy. If I want quiet, I'll go to the opera instead.

Yes, piping in crowd noise may be a cheeezy move, but it's hardly the end of the world.

So what? Sew Buttons...

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Celts are being disingenious in saying its not real. Pretty much everyone knows its piped in noise. Seems silly to keep up the charade, especially since they have given us a lot to legitamately cheer about on our own over the past 5 years. I dont care if its real or fake, but now that someone called them out on it, dont lie about it.