The Carl Spackler of plow drivers apologizes; says no cars were hurt in the making of his video



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I Hope He Gets His Job Back

I hope the man get his job back. Listening to the video, it was not ingratiating.

Yet, let me put it like this. In the area I live, traffic was a complete disaster for a week as they only plowed 1 to 1.5 lanes out of 2 and not corrected that until roughly next week with tons of raging anger if the commentary from my area is measured. Areas with park cars wide enough for two travel lanes were left as 1 lane to basically melt.

This guy's crime is not being too lazy to plow two lanes. Nor was so lazy that he left roads with two travel lanes with park cars with only one real travel lane. Nor destroyed cars mirror and paint jobs with plausible deniablilty to malicious intention which the audio implies. Unlike those plow drivers, he actually did those things right: plowed as much as possible with no damage to cars.

Of course, the mainstream local media reported like his actions fits to the tone of the audio. That doesn't please me.

Instead his crime was doing a Nelson Muntz "Ha Ha" meanwhile other plowers left lanes of snow unplowed received no punishment.


He should lose his job for driving with one hand? Does everyone else keep their hands at 10 and 2? He was probably going 20mph tops and driving in a straight line without any other cars on the street. Having a hand off the wheel wouldn't make any difference.

Dispositions are different from safety...

Acting like a dick is one thing. As a truck driver myself, the actual problem is the irresponsibility of the guy who had been driving for lord knows how many hours already, was driving a large vehicle with the potential to kill pedestrians, and then using his cell phone not even to check in with family, but rather to document his enjoyment at the expense of others. Last I knew, the DOT frowned upon people driving commercial vehicles while on their cell phones in any capacity.

frowned upon, maybe

But there isn't a law against it. Holding a phone up doesn't mean he wasn't looking at the road. As long as it wasn't an old-school video camera where he had to look through the viewfinder, what's the difference between holding up a phone and holding a cup of coffee?

You thought you were done shoveling?

I never thought this guy should be fired for what he did. Or maybe better yet, I don't think people should have freaked out the way they did about his video. There are times I wish I could make such a video at work, but I'd probably not do it in case it ended up on the interwebs like this.

He was doing his job. He was trying to make the situation a little more humorous. As someone who lives on the "plowing side" of a one way street I know what's going to happen when I shovel my driveway. I'm glad that I was right to know that at least one driver is out there thinking, "HA! You thought you were done shoveling? Think again, SUCKA!"