Massholes don't let a little snow stop them

Amazing parking job in the South End

Roving UHub photographer Jed Hresko noticed this interesting parking job on Warren Avenue in the South End this morning.



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Just an observation

but if there were no stories about Southie on Uhub, the only comments here would be about the MBTA's suck service. Funny how everyone wants to live in South Boston though.


Oh really?

What about all the local crimes Adam covers that barely - if at all - get a passing mention in other 'local' media? I don't see anyone else covering crimes in Roxbury and Dorchester like Adam is. Not to mention Adam's great coverage of all things car-vs-bike, on both sides. The keeping tabs with licensing meetings, including suspensions of liquor licences (which I rarely ever see anywhere else). The Bowker, Casey, and McGrath overpasses. This post you're even posting on had nothing to do with either the T or Southie. The list goes on, but it is as if a bunch of anons from Southie have blinders to all the other posts on here.