Massport should really send out alerts when they set things on fire on purpose at Logan

Practice fire at LoganSee it larger.

Because given what happened here in April and given what happened in San Francisco a few days ago, people are going to get jumpy and alert reporters who are going to place immediate calls to Massport PR people who are going to sigh and say, no, it's just a practice fire, nothing to worry about, and none of that would happen if they'd just send out a press release and maybe tweet something before the fact.

Same thing in May.



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Exactly right, tcf098

Almost everyone who isn't a news reporter is going to miss the alert.

At all events, any local reporter who looks at that picture or the actual scene for more than a second and doesn't realize that the smoke is coming from the same location on the aerodrome at KBOS that it comes from every so often is not worth his/her salt.

(And given how much salt I've sweat out lately because of the ridiculously high humidity, I hate to see it wasted - not that I want a donation, though - I could just ride the Green Line during rush hours or Red Sox home games for that ;) )


If you live in Boston,

and unless you are blind or don't leave your house, you know that every once and awhile Massport fire practices on the fake aircraft at the end of the runway. The only ones who are shocked are the out of towners flying in and see flames and smoke coming from this thing.

Was walking Castle Island

with Main Squeeze and we were alarmed at the sight of the smoke. When we got to the airport side, we could see the fire and figured out what was going on, but we wouldn't have if we hadn't gone to that side. They should send out warnings: if they do, Adam will post them; UHub is the first place I went to for confirmation that this was an exercise.

They are called "pit" fires.

They are called "pit" fires. Massport Fire-Rescue trains there periodically, as do many other departments that use the facility for part of their training requirements. I have lived here for almost 30 years and I never "panic" when I see the smoke. As someone already noted, the fire is in the same location each time. The public doesn't require advance notice.

Not everybody has lived there for thirty years

Also, you can see these from downtown and places where not everybody "has lived for thirty years".

Nobody cares that you know what is going on - what matters is that people can easily find out what is going on whether or not they have lived on one place for thirty years.

That's pretty simple.