Maybe there's a good reason the news crew parked in front of a hydrant at a major fire

Fox truck at hydrant

No doubt there's a really good reason why a Fox news van was parked in front of a hydrant on Broadway outside the five-alarm fire that destroyed St. John the Baptist Church this morning. And DGUMZ, who took the photo, and other folks would love to hear it.

UPDATE: I originally thought, hey, maybe the hydrant was broken. Then George MacFarlane sent in this picture, from the height of the fire:

Fox truck at working hydrant

Channel 25 got wicked lucky today. Boston firefighters don't always take kindly to people who get between them and water..



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Tonight on Fox News at

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Tonight on Fox News at 11...HYDRANTS! Necessary for saving lives and property, or a symbol of government out of control?

No, but im sure

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they will be talking about the out of control welfare in this State.

And later on CNN

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They are holding a universal prayer service, honoring the Holy Messiah Obama!

Yeah, right

Because despising Faux News and making fun of Republicans is only what Obama-lovers, Democrats, and/or hippies do, right?


They're still under the same umbrella, and they still have the same political leans. FOX will always refer to a local FOX as a "sister" station.

Don't ask me

Finn started it. I bet he ironically has both an Obama bumper sticker and an anti-war bumper sticker. Quick, everyone point and laugh at Finn! Everyone vs Finn!

Given how the right has turned on firefighters...

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...nothing would surprise me.


I'm not sure when the 180 happened, but I'm surprised the GOP base hasn't flooded hospitals nationwide with cases of whiplash.*

* (It's because they don't have medical insurance because: FREEDOM)

The "Right"?

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If i recall it's the Democratically controlled Boston who turned on our Firefighter. Not to mention every Firefighter i know (and i know a lot) all are right leaning vets!

I know one

he's Navy and has Warren and Obama/Biden stickers on his car...he's a class act that can hold his own in a debate.

He's also anti-blocking hydrants.

they just blame

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I am sure the gang over there at Fox willsomehow and spin this blame a democrat on beacon hill as to why this happened...

My bet:

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"Well if those welfare recipients hadn't fallen asleep smoking their cigarettes-purchased-with-food-stamps, there wouldn't have been a fire in the first place! Now it's costing MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to employ these firefighters to clean up after the messes of poor people!"

Kind of like

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How this site blames Republican for EVERYTHING including snowstorms.


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Shouldn't talk about peoples parents! Obviously yours didn't teach you that.

No, of course they didn't

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I was raised as a pink-diaper Noo Yawk Democrat; the one time we had Republican neighbors, they wouldn't let their kids play with us because we wore leather peace symbols around our necks and I had long hair. Fear me, rawr.

Obvious twist

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His parents are Republicans. His point stands. ;)

True fact

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Both of my wife's parents were Republicans. Mixed marriages can work!


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My father was the head of a MA State Union and a Democrat, just not a bleeding heart liberal. Their is a difference!

Maria will have a good giggle

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Maria will have a good giggle over it, Ock will look sheepish, and Polito will bluster some nonsense about it.


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Why are fire hydrants always oriented so the large port faces the street, and can be blocked by cars? Maybe we should invest in some with two large valves, with one facing the sidewalk, in case news vans make a habit of this


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the port faces the street because that's where the truck is...hose goes from hydrant to pumper truck, which is where the fire fighting hose is attached...


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THe hoses used to attach the large port to the fire truck don't bend particularly well. It would be hard to run a hose from a large port facing the sidewalk out to a truck.

Or we could

Let firetrucks ram news vans the fuck out of the way since they shouldn't be there. (I'd like to see this - and without liability assigned to the city)

No kidding!

I mean, why go through all that lipo to just get fat again? Ever seen the stomach of someone who has had lipo and then gotten fat again? It looks like stretched taffy!

When You Need Him?

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Other than the many eateries he frequents, who the heck has ever NEEDED VB?

Good citizens of Boston

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do not want anyone driving in the City anymore.Fox25 is no different, they should be commuting to these news events by bicycle, or better yet Zipcars.

If I were a betting man......

I would bet $1,000 that the fox news reported asked a fire official if they could park there. They do this all the time and are actually very reasonable about not going into areas they shouldn't be going to (fire scenes, murder scenes)

oh yeah?

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I seriously doubt that at a 5 alarm fire the incident commander said "sure, go ahead, park your news van half-way into the intersection blocking a fire hydrant."

I'm sure if they'd asked the answer would have been "yeah, no. Park over there and walk like everyone else."

Another photo shows a hose being connected, and the first photo shows a firefighter looking pretty pissed...

Have to disagree

I don't know about you, but I've witnessed field producers arguing with cops and firemen dozens of times about what they can or cannot do. Usually they lie and throw out the name of a superior. One time that superior was actually the person the field producer was lying to about letting them have unfettered access to a accident scene!

News media people are scum, for the most part. Which is why I find "The Newsroom" so offensive.


Sorry, Pete. You lose this one.

It was a dumb move by Fox, the only thing I can come up with is they didn't see the hydrant. Oh, ya, if it was just one car pushing it out of the way is a generally accepted method of clearing a hydrant.

Another's parked (illegally) on a corner. Thanks for making it easier on the ladder trucks, asshole.


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How are we going to continue to make unreasonable comments?

Great, please get your source

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Great, please get your source at BFD to back up your claim, or fork over that $1,000, Ill give it to Uhub.

I'll play.

"Hey, can I block this hydrant and park on a corner?"

"Sure, no problem. It's only four alarms now, won't go to five..."

Oh, it isn't tax deductible. As a matter of fact, AG would probably have to pay income tax on it as regular income.

The Fox has a segment on

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The Fox has a segment on fridays, called 'Firehouse Friday ' where one of their reporters brings a coffee and donuts to a firehouse!

Maybe if they send that lump

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Maybe if they send that lump VB , otherwise the lady Foxes can walk , work on their gams. That newer one , Catherine Parotta , is going to go far, she has it, very good, precise , delivery, and also very kind on the eyes.

I wonder if she's the one who

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I wonder if she's the one who teased a segment this morning with "Ladies, could your laundry be making you sick?" Glad to know that only ladies do laundry.

Ahh there it is. I knew I

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Ahh there it is. I knew I had seen this story before, but couldn't remember.

So I guess news agencies don't get tickets for parking in front of a fire hydrant? I think we need an i-team investigation of Fox...


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That hydrant hasn't worked since last summer. Not to justify their parking, but its not that big of a deal. As you can see... the hose is not inflated.

The hydrant was definitely in

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The hydrant was definitely in service. The picture was taken before the hydrant was turned on. The water supply was limited after it was turned on because of the ninety degree angle the hose was in, due to the positioning of the FOX news van. There is no way, he didn't see that hydrant! I know, I was there.

Seriously take a chill pill

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This was ONE hardworking (if I know anything about local news) Satellite Truck Operator who made a mistake and was quite likely distracted by any number of factors in a breaking news situation. It's quite possible in the rush he jumped out of another door to get his camera and didn't realize his error. Shit happened. Not exactly a right wing conspiracy handed down from the "News Channel."

For some clarity here - Fox 25 is an FCC REGULATED local news outlet gathering the front line Boston area news whereas Fox News Channel is a national NON FCC REGULATED cable news channel (that indeed is steeped in opinion.) Fox News Channel does get its NE video from Boston - but they also use many other services for video. Would you rank on a local NBC staffer for all the ills of MSNBC ? Why don't we just politically umbrella the employees of The Wall Street Journal, 21st Century Entertainment, Sky, Harper Collins, HULU, The Times, GQ, Baby TV, Fuel TV, Australian Badmittion Mag, The Simpsons and hundreds of other Rupert Murdock owned entities? Ya know all those employees are in chorus with FNC I'm sure.