Mayor declares Great Recession over

At least, in Boston. Just over the transom is a press release from Hizzona's office:

Mayor Thomas M. Menino today announced the Boston economy has made a full recovery from the Great Recession. New data released by the Boston Redevelopment Authority in its 2013 Economy Report shows the unemployment rate in Boston has fallen steadily over the last two and a half years. The City is projecting an all-time record for employment in 2012 with 682,000 jobs. The data shows Boston has regained nearly all jobs lost between 2008 and 2010 and new investment from construction topped $3.8 billion, a 10-year high, in fiscal 2012.



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This is absolute BULLSHIT!

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This is absolute BULLSHIT! Thats why robberies have increased over the past two years...

If its at an all time low,

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If its at an all time low, why are stories about death and robbieries flooding this site alone genius?? I bet youre one of those people screaming "gun control" as well smh

"If its at an all time low,

"If its at an all time low, why are stories about death and robbieries flooding this site?"

Statistics; violent crimes in the City of Boston are in decline.

Here's a chart from 1999-2011, but the trend is more pronounced if you include the 1980s:

There are stories about death and robberies on this site because death and robberies occur in major cities. The data shows that there are far less today then in the past, negating your poorly articulated point... genius.

We never should have given you people internet access.

Don't feed the troll

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Call me crazy, but I think the guy who picked the handle 'ihateboston' on a blog devoted to Boston news, and who is screaming inane non-sequiturs in this thread, might be the sort of troll we should avoid feeding.

Very brave

Saying "you people" tends to set off lots of people. In this case, it didn't for whatever reason.


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Not only that, but Adam provides a service the local rags and cable news doesn’t always. He reports on almost all Boston crime, regardless of how buzzworthy it is. Hell, he even keeps a map for us, thus providing trend data.

So yeah, maybe people do feel there’s more crime in the news around here. But it’s actually less, because Adam is just doing his job that traditional MSM don’t or won’t.

That's your metric for crime rate?

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The frequency of crime appearing in a news outlet?

"This blog has reported on crime a lot lately, must be crime is up!"

Think about how horribly misguided and wrong that is, please. Look at real actual statistics and crime metrics instead of just watching The News and deciding that you're informed.

Just because crime is at an

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Just because crime is at an all-time low doesn't mean it's completely stopped. People get shot and banks get robbed regardless of the crime rate, and it's UHub's job to report such events regardless of the crime rate. Also, don't forget that there are other crimes besides shooting and robbing - maybe murder is up (I haven't checked the statistics), but other occurrences might be down and it averages out to a "lower" crime rate.

Crime statistics, aside from

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Crime statistics, aside from homicides, are easily fudged. And they are.

Even comparing homicide rates to say 20 years ago is flawed. Many thing have to be taken into account, even stuff like better trauma treatment and more lives saved from gunshot wounds than compared to 20 years ago. A better gauge would be to compare over-all violent crime rates,period. But non-homicide violent crime statistics can and are fooled around with.

As for robberies, larcenies, stuff like purse snatchings, et.c, many go unreported. When someone is ,say,jumped in the street, many will not bother reporting to the police. And a big scandal in NYC is police were [are] routinely down grading crimes so the statistics look good.


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As I read this, the Tom Rush song Beam Me Up Scotty started playing in my head for some reason.

Not only is it not BS, it's old news.

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We all know lots of people (or at least some) who took significant hits over the past 4+ years.

However, and as I have said before, you only have to pay attention to everything around you to know that the recession (particularly as properly defined), as applied to the local economy at large, ended a long time ago.

The traffic on 128, long a barometer for the economy in greater Boston, is at least as bad and in many cases worse than ever.

The T has had record ridership numbers.

UHubbers are complaining about yet more luxury condos going up downtown.

Major commercial development projects are underway.

There are lots of other examples. The fact that the unemployment rate is not coming down as fast as any of us would like is certainly not a great thing, but it is also not indicative of ongoing recession (particularly after you account for all of the flaws in its determination).

As with many other things, reputation and folklore lives on longer than reality would otherwise dictate - particularly when fired by an msm that never saw a bad story that it won't beat to death.

I don't believe they are

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I don't believe they are counting all of us folks who still haven't found work but are out of unemployment....

The metric cited is for total

The metric cited is for total employment, not unemployment. When you do compare the unemployment rate to total employment however, it would appear that those who have not found jobs after being laid off have been replaced.


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Productivity is way up over the last 4 years.

Another way of saying “We fired the expensive workers, and now pay others less to do the same jobs and more”.


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Raise the property taxes and give big businesses tax breaks.

Looking at the stats...

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90% of the job growth was in 4 industries: "Computer Systems Design & Related Services," "Food Services & Drinking Places," "Health Care" and "Education."

"Finance and Insurance" lost the most, with "Information" / "Wired Telecommunications Carriers" 2d biggest loss.

Many good well paying jobs are gone

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and have been replaced by many bullshit jobs. I think this is the mayor's idea of a full recovery.

And just go out to the rural and ex-urb areas [even many suburban areas] of the country, including MA and New England, and you'll see we are in bad shape. A handful of elite big metro areas are doing OK, that's about it.

"And just go out to the rural

"And just go out to the rural and ex-urb areas [even many suburban areas] of the country, including MA and New England, and you'll see we are in bad shape"

I think you're confused; this isn't universal-ruralandex-urbareas, it's Universal Hub as inBoston. So when the Mayor.. of Boston.. declares the Great Recession... in Boston... is over, he might not be referring to the "rural and ex-urb areas". If you don't want to hear about how well we're doing in this elite big metro area, definetly avoid the NYC blogs!