The mayoral dance continues

Our newest candidate for mayor is John Laing of Hyde Park, who quickly found his newest supporter in Mister Malcolm the Dorchester Dancer.

Ed. note: If Laing wins, he will not only be Boston's first black mayor, he will be the first mayor to have graduated Brandeis.



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Graduated FROM Brandeis! He didn't draw lines up the side of the building! Aaarrgghhh!


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Adam's usage is correct, having over a century of precedent to support it.

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Yeah, I know...

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it's becoming acceptable, but it doesn't mean that I won't think it means something else every time I hear it.

Now get offa my lawn.

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All I saw

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Was a crazy homeless man dancing for over a minute than proceeded to rant followed by mr. Laing approving said rant!

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