Medford kid lost on mountain survives by building snow fort

The Globe reports.




Did he leave a space saver?

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Come on, Adam- ask the hard questions UHubbers expect from you.

If he did leave one nobody can go near that snow hole until April! Dig your own or die of exposure!

Glad he's OK.

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Camp Chair Forts and Space Savers

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When this kid was way younger, he would steal my coach chair when on the sidelines during soccer games, and use the team blanket to build a fort.

He and one other kid were always wandering off toward the woods together to dig holes in a side hill (the U10 field was bordered by the Fells). Oh, and show everyone the poor dead baby skunk :(

Knowing this, I knew that he would dig a snow cave, provided he didn't have a broken leg or arm. I swallowed hard when he still wasn't found going into night 2. Good sense and basic skills only keep you alive so long.

This could have been my son, or any one of his other friends or classmates. I cried when I heard that they found him. Hate to see a kid grow up and then ... but, hey, it worked out. We don't need no stinkin' grief counselors.

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