Meteor streaks through Boston sky

At 7:54 p.m., Matt Karolian tweeted:

Did anyone in #boston just see whatever the heck that was streaking through the sky?

Reports began flooding in not long after: A flash in the sky; Karolian reports it was "green and heading from north to south."

At 8:17 p.m., the Weather Channel reported:

Twitter search reveals meteor sighted [at least] as far south as Richmond, VA and as far north as Boston, MA.

Not long after, people were bemoaning our dashcam gap with the Russians.

You see it?

UPDATE, 1 a.m.: A.P. Blake reports: "JUST SAW A METEOR TO THE NORTH! NO JOKE! HOLY CRAP! Two meteors in one night! This one didn't seem very big though."



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      Wife, kiddo, and I were

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      Wife, kiddo, and I were driving in Burlington back to Cambridge on Lowell Street when we saw the green fireball. It was pretty incredible - don't see anything move that fast on a typical day.

      Relieved to know it didn't have anything to do with Hanscom!


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      Saw it leaving the Burlington Mall around 7:55 this evening.
      My 8 year old saw it too.

      Shooting star in North Quincy

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      Around 9:45pm.

      Not sure if its related but this guy was bigger than Venus looks shooting down toward western horizon and gone as quick as it caught the eye.


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      Saw it in hopedale 7:50 pm


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      ...I believe the proper pronunciation is "meaty-YUH".