MFA, ICA open for free today

Both the Museum of Fine Arts and the Institute of Contemporary Art are opening their doors at no charge today. The MFA says:

We hope the Museum will be a place of respite for our community.

The ICA says:

We hope the museum will offer a place of community & reflection.



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    Those sound like really nice

    places to be on a day like today. Wish MFA was open later (I think early close on Tuesdays) so I could get there after work. A good idea

    Always free Wednesdays after

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    Always free Wednesdays after 4. Can't think of anywhere I'd rather be right now than in the Art of America's wing.

    Paulist Center, and St. Ann's

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    A good friend of mine from The Paulist Center, 5 Park Street, tells me they are offering interfaith candlelight services tonight at 5:15 and 6:15. Also, St. Ann's in Dorchester is holding a candlelight vigil. I believe it is the home church of the Richard family.


    Gardner Museum

    Free entry to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum tomorrow, according to their Facebook page.

    ICA was free today?

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    I was the first person into the ICA this morning and nothing was mentioned about this, I paid full price (I didn't hear about it being free until just now). There was a line of about 6 people behind me who paid, too.