Might be a brief UHub outage today

UPDATE: Site's been updated.

The current server's being switched over to a shinier and beefier machine.



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    Not a stand-alone URL, at least not at first

    But a "responsive" template set that will resize things to look better on a phone or tablet (I'll be flying blind on the latter, since we are a tablet-less household). Fortunately, since the site's mostly in a simple blog format, that doesn't involve a lot of figuring out on my part (except when it comes to ads, yeah, I need to figure out what to do about them).

    Cool stuff, Adam!

    I actually prefer an appropriately sized page over a mobile site. You always seem to lose some functionality with a mobile site.

    As for a tablet-free household, I'm with you 100%. I've never fully understood the point of a tablet. If you have a smartphone and a laptop, what's the point of a tablet?


    If you have a smartphone and a laptop, what's the point of a tablet?

    LOL! A tablet is as useful as a magazine, a boardgame, or a clipboard. It's large enough to display much the same volume and detail of information as a regular monitor and is mobile enough that you can use it in anywhere in the house without much conscious effort - recipes while in the kitchen, project info in the workshop, UHub on the couch in the living room. And it's easy to share - it's not at all unusual for one of us to be reading something online, and to either pass along or simply turn the device to show the others present some interesting image or article. Unwieldy to do that with a laptop, and inconvenient to do it with one's smartphone.

    Additionally, as a family it turns out that the tablet is incredibly handy when we travel - we use it to play family boardgames while we pass the time at a cafe or restaurant, display usefully large maps while traveling, and it offers an endless collection of picturebooks and movies that we can enjoy together when away from home. All of those uses involve us looking and interacting with each other as well as the digital device - unlike most of the smartphone users around us, ensconced in their little private digital fiefdoms.

    You must not have kids...

    ... or you don't travel with them.

    We bought an iPad just for travelling (which includes long local roadtrips). It's the one device that we can keep WarriorGirl engaged in and not going insane; I installed a bunch of old books (as in out-of-print and hard to find) and old games (think MYST).

    No, I don't use it every day, but some of my daughter's apps (Team Umizoomi math and Dora The Explorer ready to read) do get used almost daily.

    Tablets for the young and old

    There are two members of my family who use tablets every day: my 81 year old Dad and my 4 year old nephew.

    My Dad wants to check email, watch YouTube videos, listen to music and read books on his Kindle app. A laptop is too much for him to handle (he's not exactly quick on the uptake when it comes to newfangled technology) and a smartphone is way too small for him.

    My 4 year old nephew has an iPad because he has autism and there are lots of great apps for kids with autism.

    I have one because it's fun on the subway. I can read, watch a movie or tv show. I learned a lesson last night about watching movies. I was engrossed in one and got on an Ashmont train instead of Braintree. I was surprised to look up and see a sign that said "Fields Corner." Oops.

    Frequent IPad reader here

    When you are ready, I'll try to help you out with the iPad version.

    However, I only ask that any mobile site offerings are completely voluntary. I hate automatic redirects and most can't drop you at the same story on the real site correctly at all even though they claim to. Then after the cookie wears out, I end up at the mobile site again when I try to go to the real site. I prefer the real site with zoom functionality enabled in Safari if I need to see less of the page...not some junky, half-implemented mobile version that makes me feel like I'm using an oversized cell phone rather than a fully functional tablet.


    Yeah. It's not like anyone's sending top secret information through/to Universal Hub, but I'd prefer to know that the "screenwriter" sitting next to me at Starbucks isn't able to intercept my rants about mobile browsing and SSL. Most other sites offer some sort of SSL encryption to some degree.

    No worries if it's too much effort, I was just wondering. You know what they say; if you don't ask, you don't know!


    Bug report

    In the 28 story Emerson tower story I pasted a link to the wiki page on Babylon 5 shadows. The auto linkify code totally failed to parse the http string, ignoring the parenthesis and text within.

    As for speed, its important to me. Slashdot was my idea of a good site because it was fast and not bogged down with graphic window dressing (originally). Its the same reason I sometimes prefer the mobile version of a site even on a desktop.

    On UHub, I can't blame the anonymous cowards. Not being logged in is so much quicker without the awfully slow code trying to figure out how many comments are new for me.

    New bug

    Every page view is loading 2-3 times in my browser's history.

    This means that if I want to use the back button to navigate to the previous page, I hit it once and it doesn't appear to do anything. I hit it again and sometimes it goes to the previous page. Most times I need to hit it a third time. If I open the history dropdown box, I see two copies of every page in the list.

    Safari on iPad