The mighty Neponset

Neponset at Lower Mills

Brian MacLean captured the Neponset at Lower Mills the other day.

Copyright Brian MacLean. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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Beautiful photo

Put it in black and white and you couldn't tell the century.

(Okay, okay, you could by the ivy ...)

The ugly bridge places it

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The ugly bridge places it squarely in the now. Our predecessors wouldn't have built such an ugly, purely utilitarian POS.

Thrifty old Yankees would build utilitarian

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Not all structures have to be edifices. I'm sure the old Yankees would have been happy to have a utilitarian bridge that safely got them to market and church without frills.

Tehy certainly wouldn't break the bank for a monument. That is a mill pond, after all.

Depends What You Mean By "Predecessors"

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Since this is only the third century in which photography has been extant (with the total of years being less than 200) I'd say John A Keith is quite correct. Having grown up less than a half-mile from that spot on the river, and having seen that particular view from a few childhood explorations UNDER that bridge, I can tell you it looks almost exactly the same as it did in the 1960's.


P.S. The Neponset looks as though it smells the same, too.

walter Baker's Chocolate

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When I think of that area I think of the smell from Walter Baker's Chocolate that was made in a factory in the immediate area. Great aroma!