MIT students contest validity of Newton's Third Law

MIT pickup being pulled out of Mystic River

State Police report that some MIT students were having fun with a 1,000-lb. remote-controlled boat in the Mystic River in Somerville last night. But all good things come to an end and the kids tried using a Ford Ranger to haul the boat out of the water. Instead, State Police say, the boat pulled the pickup into the river. State Police now advise:

If you are trying to pull out a boat from the Mystic River, be sure your truck can handle the pull!



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    Not Tidal

    They draw down the water levels in the fall and winter, because tropical storms and Noreasters can cause sudden increases in precipitation (or snow melts suddenly). So the water levels are quite low right now.

    I sometimes use these ramps in winter when the ice isn't an issue (wetsuits FTW), and it isn't uncommon for me to just drop my kayak off the end there.

    My guess as to what happened: the ramp was slippery. They neglected the current. They didn't use a winch. They didn't check the drop off. So when they tried to start towing the boat, they lost traction and the current pulled the truck into the water.