More proof you can find anything on the Internet these days, MBTA edition

Changes to Transit Service in the MBTA district: 1964-2013 is exactly what it says on the label - a complete listing of every single change the T has made to bus, subway and commuter-rail service since its founding in 1964, with special bonus pre-MBTA mini histories of what are now the Green, Red, Blue and Orange lines - all compacted into a single 342-page PDF.

H/t MBTA Info.



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    looks like I know what I'm doing with my Monday night now.

    I'm sad

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    I've actually read this entire document years ago.

    I really need to get a life...


    And I don't even live in my parents' basement....


    Though so long ago, it was a hardcopy edition of Boston Street Railway Association's monthly publication Roll Sign. I still have that issue on my bookshelf.

    That's less of a support

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    That's less of a support group than it is junkie shooting gallery.

    You'll wander in there asking a question about a trolley and get an a hard core addiction to railfandom. Next thing you'll know you'll be riding the MBTA for no reason of your own free will! The moderators are known to have a mean pimp hand to anyone that even THINKS of going off topic or mentioning buses.

    It's interesting to know that

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    It's interesting to know that replacement shuttle buses are assigned a route number. For example this: "Between June and September 1983, train
    service was discontinued between
    Wonderland and Orient Heights station
    to allow for rail replacement.
    -In June 1994, train service was again
    discontinued between these two points,
    to allow for station reconstruction
    and power upgrades. This work was
    completed in June 1995. In both
    cases, Route 181 shuttle buses have
    replaced the discontinued rail service."
    I remember these replacements but was unaware the shuttles had actual route numbers.

    inside baseball

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    They aren't always given a route number. It depends whether they are scheduled as actual trips (in which case the internal scheduling system needs to use some sort of identifier), or as blocks of "run as directed" driver shifts. The Harvard - Alewife shuttle a year or so ago was done as "run as directed" and had no route number. This gave dispatch the flexibility to send some buses straight from Alewife to Harvard if there was demand, or otherwise vary the route. On the other hand, it means that you can't have real-time tracking.