Most Fung Wah buses taken off the road

Due to inspections that found "structural issues," NECN reports.

Boston Metro reports the state wants federal transportation officials to shut the entire company down until it fixes the problems.



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    oooh no! thats my mode of

    By CaT on

    oooh no! thats my mode of transportation to new york. cheap, fast and almost always on time. yes, they drive like maniacs, the bus drivers sometimes sing (to keep themselves awake?), and i have seen them leave passengers behind at the stop when they are not back within the 15 minute-break..., all highly entertaining for just 15 dollars. it does explain perhaps why their buses make weird sounds, as if some parts are missing or....


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    ...adding an extra 'wah' -- "wah wah, your bus is on fire."

    Good Riddance to Bad Business!

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    I am absolutely, one hundred percent behind any plans to forestall or eliminate any business Fung Wah does in the city in the city of Boston.

    They've overstayed their welcome. It's time to get rid of them.

    I do

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    I feel the same way about every Chinatown bus agency. Their entire business model is built on a foundation of wanton disregard for laws - be they stupid laws, such as speeding, or legitimate laws, such as health and safety regulations.

    That's the very definition of a criminal enterprise. Shut them down!

    How did you form that

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    How did you form that judgement? Did you just say, "Hmm, another company owned by people who look Chinese -- they must be the same as all the others?"

    "how did you form that

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    "how did you form that judgement"--oh, gee, maybe from the numerous accounts of buses blowing up on the highway, accidents, or the whole, safety-inspection thing that's all over the news right now? Gotta love the aimless race-baiting, though!

    Have those problems occurred

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    Have those problems occurred with *every* Chinatown bus company? At a rate higher than vehicles in general?

    Or was "I feel the same way about every Chinatown bus agency" a generalization based on race?

    Yes, They Have

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    Unfortunately for the race-based narrative you're trying to establish, every single Chinatown bus company - from Fung Wah to Lucky Star to several less "famous" operators that were all unceremoniously shitcanned by the Feds last summer - has a sordid history of callous disregard for the law. Not only do "incidents" occur at a higher rate of frequency over conventional vehicles, they occur at a far higher rate of frequency over other (read: not cut-budget) bus companies such as Peter Pan, Greyhound, and our own Concord Coach Lines.

    Megabus may not provide service from Chinatown to Chinatown, thus disqualifying it from being labeled a "Chinatown bus," but it engages in nearly all of the same criminal activities as the Chinatown bus lines do and keeps itself in existence through the same kind of ugly "cut the budget to cut the prices" math that allows all these operators to keep turning a profit.

    What criminal activities are

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    What criminal activities are you referring to? Thanks for not providing any evidence of, well, anything.

    Inspections leading to vehicles being taken out of service? It's happened to every bus company. It's also happened to Amtrak (the Acela fleet was grounded on several occasions due to structural cracks).

    Engine fires? Vehciles getting stuck on curbs? Every bus company. And the T.

    Fatal accidents? Megabus, Greyhound. Not Fung Wah or Lucky Star.

    And what do you mean by "our own Concord Coach Lines"? Do you work for them?


    While Fung-Wah has had a Bus-B-Que and a couple of accidents that killed nobody several years ago, MegaBus - a Canadian company - has smashed and rolled buses, KILLING several people.

    Cut rate bus companies may be a problem, but they are not a CHINESE bus problem, per se.

    not this time

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    This is usually the case with any product or service someone doesn't agree with, but even if I never set foot on a Fung Wah bus, I still have to share the road with it.