Mumbles the Turkey could be wearing stripes soon

Mumbles perched above Elephant and Castle. Photo by D.Mumbles perched above Elephant and Castle on Devonshire this afternoon. Photo by D.

Around 2:45 p.m., police cornered a turkey, presumably Mumbles, at Beach and Harrison in Chinatown. No immediate word on her fate, but some officers pondered whether stuffing and mashed potatoes would be involved.



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Spotted by CVS on Chauncy

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Just saw the turkey crossing the street and walking in front of the CVS by Chauncy/Arch St in Downtown Crossing. Having an awesome touring the city so far this week.

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So maybe not Mumbles

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As you were posting, Jerzy Eisenberg Guyot was tweeting:

Turkey on the loose by Tufts Medical School. Has police escort.

Sounds like two turkeys.

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Hey Adam! Would you combine

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Hey Adam!

Would you combine all of Mumbles' adventures into one page so we can properly spread the word of her/his adventures in Boston?

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I believe I saw him in the South End this morning

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I didn't stop to take a picture like many other people, but a turkey, possibly Mumbles, was on Worcester St. between Tremont and Shawmut this morning in the South End.

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