Music in Charlestown silenced by shutdown

Jocelyn alerts us that the street piano at the Charlestown Navy Yard is shut for the duration, not because it's federally funded, but because the National Park Service has blocked all access to the area.

Navy Yard piano in happier days.



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    What's the NPS being huge

    What's the NPS being huge dicks shutting off areas which are normally open 24/7/365 unstaffed? Throwing a tantrum and spiting the public because your paycheck has been furloughed is perfectly illustrative of the contempt some public employees have for the public they supposedly serve.

    I cannot remember this crap being pulled during any of the dozen government shutdowns in my lifetime. No guided tours or park ranger fine. But the NPS never went about barricading public spaces before.


    Its just to pressure Republicans

    As with sequester, Democrats have been looking for tools to push back on the Republicans holding ransom. In previous shutdowns, I don't think the reasons were as single issue, or recurring as now. Democrats what the general public to suffer more rather than a smaller number of government workers, contractors, and benefits recipients. They don't dare not pay themselves or social security recipients.


    Not quite....

    The NPS Sections of the yard are never unstaffed.

    There isn't a single NPS historic site that isn't staffed by, at the very least, roving details 24/7. There are always security staff, who are actually federal law enforcement officials, patrolling the area.

    This is not a group of employees who are spitting at the public. I can assure you that rangers from around the country are horribly disappointed that they have to take these measures to protect these landmarks from being vandalized during this shutdown.


    Wait a second

    Let me great this straight: The NPS is grandstanding when they close an area when most of their staff is temporary laid off. But the shutdown itself is somehow NOT grandstanding?

    It's not like the NPS workers got lazy and decided not to unlock the gate. I'm pretty sure the forced unpaid vacation is a whole lot worse for them then it is for you.



    Not a strike. A lockout.

    Biiiiig difference!

    But I'm sure you are happy to show up at work without being paid and without the ability to purchase supplies that you require, etc. Right.