Must be great to have a job where you get paid to whine

On the front page of the Globe today, Dan Shaughnessy whines that he deserves to be treated like a real journalist even though what he writes about doesn't really matter. With obligatory sneer at the Internet and reference to a 20-year-old movie.



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    No, no

    I'm a recovering journalist, not somebody pretending to be one. I readily admit some of the stuff I do would get me marked down in Journalism 101 ( at least I assume, since I never actually took any journalism classes). Probably more relevant, though, I'm not writing long rants about how misunderstood I am.


    Laughing stock

    Curly Haired Boyfriend, indeed. His peers don't respect him and the players certainly don't think much of him, either. And it isn't because of his appearance, either. When a lunatic gives you an absurd nickname and it sticks like that ... ugh!

    Of course he opens with his "output", but after 40 years and thousands of toilet visits ... well, does quantity matter?

    And I don't care that much about the teams myself. However, I like great sports writing. CHB's problem isn't his lack of "celebration" ... it is his lack of cerebrum. Madlibbing your columns and rationalizing your failures as victimization simply highlights the obvious: you stink because you are too self-absorbed.

    No Soul......

    There is something to routing for a team, whether your kid is playing, or you played for them, or you simply live in the same Town. When you just write about 'sports' like it is just the means to the end (your paycheck), you really are missing something in life (if you choose to have sports be a part of your life). It is one thing if you are selling beer at Foxboro Stadium and not care about the Patriots, but if you are writing about the subject? I think Dan is missing something here.


    I agree. You grow up in a town, are a fan of the local teams, become a sportswriter and then shut that part of your life off? I can't believe he is really being truthful here; he must lean towards hoping the local teams do well, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    This is the type of discussion that would only happen in Boston. It would be ridiculous in cities like Chicago or Pittsburgh to think that a local sportswriter wouldn't be rooting for the Steelers or Bears to win.

    Talking Head, Gossip Pundits

    Have never been journalists.

    When he gets around to long form and actually having to do some investigative digging to bring a story out, he can proceed with the whining.

    Until then, stop being such a clown. I mean, look at all the hard hitting journalism he's been doing on Aaron Hernandez's history and accomplices. Oh wait.

    I like sports too---for the

    I like sports too---for the love of a good game. Here in Boston that's a sin. Because there is one religion, and one religion only: The Holy Trinity of Patriots-Red Sox-Bruins. It's a fundamentalist religion, with three local mega churches and a massive congregation seeking to monopolize their denomination.

    Only in Boston do people fail to grasp the concept of the love of the game, because theirs is a love of a team. Nothing to whine about, it just is.

    After decades of writing here, Shaughnessy should know that.

    He's an atheist in a fundamentalist world. Either he should come to terms with that, or he could move and cover the Churches in a land that practices, or at least respects and has room for, his religion too.