Mystery at Roslindale senior complex claims third victim

Wicked Local Roslindale reports the third victim of whatever it was that happened last week at the Roslyn Apartments on Cliffmont Street died yesterday. Officials have released few details about what claimed the lives of two men last week and the woman this week.



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      Could be.

      Considering that there were some power outages, maybe some water fell in to the danger zone for temperature ... and there seems to be no community outbreak concerns.

      Although the cardiac arrest is not the usual course for Legionella, absent other symptoms first.

      My other bet would be on food poisoning. Or the wrong mushrooms or berries.

      Apparently alcohol-related

      Although there was never any resolution reported in the mainstream media, when I called City Hall to ask if they ever figured out what had happened I was told that they all died from alcohol poisoning. According to the person I talked to, the deceased were making their own alcohol and it killed them.

      I understand that people have a right to privacy, but it makes me crazy when news stories just drop off the map like this. Somebody should have reported that the "mystery" had been solved, the autopsies concluded, etc.