Mystery shoppers

Mystery Boston shopping scene

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can figure out when and where this photo was taken. See it larger.



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    Romo's chain stores was in the North End. I was hoping to find some information on Meyer's meat market but there isn't much on a location in Boston


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    Wow, that's awesome, but Going Banana's moved across the street last year (or maybe the year before), so isn't on that side of the street anymore. And Moda hasn't been in that spot for a few years and is now Lulu's.

    thanks for the update, i

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    thanks for the update, i moved out of the north end a few years ago and havent been back lately, so i just had to go by the google street view

    I remember the days when

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    I remember the days when neither man or woman would ever think of going out without something on their head. In fact, I kind of miss the days of men wearing hats - not baseball caps. Except for those two suspicious looking characters in the picture, every woman has a scarf or hat and of course the men with hats.

    the end of hats

    Some people blame JFK, who habitually appeared hatless, for killing the fashion for men's hats. Others blame the 1950s trend for lower automobile rooflines. In any event, hats on men seems to have died out around the Mad Men era of the early 1960s.