Mystery surrounds man who showed up at Faulkner Hospital with only nine fingers

UPDATE, 12/17/13: Per Boston's Finest, he had his finger and half another finger chopped off in a Hyde Park apartment used for cocaine distribution.

Boston Police are investigating how a man who showed up last night at Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain with stab wounds lost his left index finger.

According to a police report, the man gave varying accounts of where and how he allegedly lost the finger to three Spanish-speaking muggers. Although at first he told police it happened on South Street in Roslindale, he eventually settled on the area near Shattuck Hospital in Franklin Park.

The man told police he had parked near the hospital and was going for a walk through the park when set upon by the muggers - one wearing a Yankees hat - who ripped a chain off his neck, took one ring off his left hand and then tried to remove a ring on his index finger:

Victim then stated that due to the difficulty that the suspects were having in removing the ring from the index finger, the suspects began to cut the finger off. The suspect at first stated he was unsure what was used to cut his finger off, but then stated a small knife. Shortly the victim stated it was a screwdriver like weapon. The victim then added that the suspects removed his sneakers (victim was unsure of what sneakers he was wearing) and then began to stab him with the screw driver like weapon. The victim then added that after the assailants left him, he made his way to the car he parked, and drove himself to the Faulkner Hospital.

A Faulkner Hospital emergency-room doctor confirmed to police that the man had several lacerations and stab wounds - as well as one fewer finger than he should have.

However, according to the police report, several police officers, supervisors and detectives searched parking lots near the hospital, the area around the Arborway/Morton Street rotary and the Franklin Park golf course without finding a finger or any blood.

The man himself was unable to describe the chain or either of his rings, according to the report. Also, the man's girlfriend told detectives she couldn't help with information about the rings because he never wears rings.

"Matter to be further investigated," the report concludes.




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Spanish Speaking Muggers?

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Or was it simply that he feared that the girl he kidnapped was going to kill him with the knife he stabbed her with if he didn't kill her first?

You know, we have had enough years for Charles Stuart to have been reincarnated. Hmmm.

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Mount Doom Street?

Was it a skinny man with a breechclout and sparse hair who made a weird noise in his throat?

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Pictures of the car

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There are pictures circulating of the inside of the car the victim used to drive to the ER posted by his friend to a social media site. Journalists email [email protected] for the link.

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get off my lawn

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I don't like sending people to reddit.

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