Nature's fury: What if a supernado hit Boston with exploding stones the size of bowling balls?


And dig that waterfront stadium. Suck it, sharknados!




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    Saturday night, 9pm, Syfy channel

    The movie premieres tonight at 9pm on the Syfy channel. Don't worry if you miss it; I think you can assume it will run pretty regularly.

    If you love TV movies about disaster and destruction, Syfy is running an all-day marathon of these types of films including the infamous Sharknado film of earlier this year.

    Why they chose stones falling from tornadoes to be the disaster hitting Boston, I don't know. Probably better than watching slow molasses running down a street ...

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    Gott im Himmel

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    Made in Vancouver,I presume? L.A. gets sexy sharks, we get stones?

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    Stadium is in Pittsburgh

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    They didn't even bother to obscure the sign that says "Heinz Field"

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    Noooo! Not the Swan Boats!

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    Anything but the Swan Boats! Won't someone think of the children?

    And the BPL!

    I weep for my city.

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    FYI, the Trinity Church survived Stonados.

    Sam Adams and the Bunker Hill Monument? Sorry.

    Stan the bird? Whereabouts unknown.

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