Needs more bacon, oh, and sugar, and throw some lard in while you're at it

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Griddler's Burger and Dogs on Beacon Hill and Union Square Donuts in Somerville are teaming up on a $6 "bronut:"

The dish will include a Griddler's burger patty that has a fried egg on top, with both being inside a sweet and salty maple-bacon glazed donut "bun" from the donut shop.



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What could be hipper than...

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Elevated cholesterol and early adult onset diabetes? Why, six bucks is cheap to be the envy of your hipster clique!

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I am gutterally offended.

Why a bronut?

I, in all my estrogen owning fabulousness would totally nom one of those. (and then go run 3 miles to counteract it)

Marketing Campaign!
They should make you go to Union Sq, get the 'bun', then walk to Beacon Hill with a receipt and get the contents. Calories balanced.

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