Neil Young visits Somerville

Vanyaland has the details and video of Young's performance at Johnny D's.



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Anti Car? Anti Parking?

I live nearby, sometimes drive in to eat out with the family or hang out while I wait for the boys to turn up on the red line, and I've never had an issue with parking in Davis Square. You just have to be willing to walk a little bit. Otherwise, plenty of meters that will let you stash your car for several hours, and even looser parking without meters if you go up Highland a bit.

Heyzeus you are a truly lazy fool if you think we should knock down half the buildings to make parking for the other half.

Yeah, let's destroy a thriving place with thriving businesses SO WE CAN ALL DRIVE RIGHT UP TO BUILDINGS WITH NOTHING IN THEM AND PARK!

I was singing "I just wanna park my car"

I was singing "I just wanna park my car" earlier this week circling Harvard Square to find a parking space following an irrational inspiration to buy a $5 El Pastor burrito. Stupid to have to pay as much or more just to park. Sometimes I need a reminder on why to avoid wasting any time or money in Cambridge. At least it wasn't pouring rain at the time.

Davis Square is thriving only because: its near a top university, a major subway line and stop was put through it, and ugly MBTA properties were converted to park and parking use. Bike lanes, bike racks, and Hubway station had nothing to do with building it up over the past 25+ years.

For a driving advocate, you sure do seem to suck at it

"circling" Harvard Square to find parking - as in multiple times? And it wasn't even raining? Hoo boy.

Sure, if you insist on parking right in front of Felipe's you might be thwarted, but I rarely have problems finding a space if I go out a mere 3-4 blocks from the center of the square, even in the middle of the day. In fact, the west-bound approach on Mass ave often has a surprising number of spaces open near the merge with Mt. Auburn - I think because people pass them by holding out for something "just a little bit closer" to the center of the action.

Wrt Davis Square - I lived in Teale square back in the day and you're right about the T station being a huge reason for DSq's renaissance - but the associated parking lot came much later, and while convenient, it was not a catalyst for the upswing, but a reaction to it. It made visits to the square easier for those coming by car - the same way that bike lanes, racks, and hubway stations make things more convenient for the biking population.

Parking in Harvard Square is

Parking in Harvard Square is easy in the middle of the day, assuming you're leaving within 2 hours.

If it's the evening and you don't find a street spot, or you need longer-term parking, you're stuck using a few very expensive garages. And they're clustered in one corner of the square, which makes for a really long walk to many destinations, which are also far from the T station.

My proposal: allow anyone to pay a multi-space meter to park in resident spaces.

There is always plenty of

There is always plenty of room to double park on Elm St if you need to run to the ATM or grab a coffee at Starbucks. If you're going to be longer then the bus stops and fire hydrants usually have plenty of unused space.