Never park in another man's post-storm space in Southie - he might shoot out your tires with a nail gun

Boston Police report somebody unfamiliar with Southie moved a sawhorse by the curb in the 400 block of W. 4 Street yesterday afternoon and parked his car.

Officers then spoke to a witness who stated he observed an unknown suspect shooting nails into the tires of the victim’s motor vehicle. The suspect then took the saw horse and fled on foot towards W. Broadway St. The suspect was described as a white male with facial hair, 5’10”, 180 lbs., approximately 40 years old and wearing a black jacket with a hood. The witness also stated that he observed a blue pickup truck, possibly a Ford F150 with a company name printed on the doors of the vehicle and it had been parked in the spot for the last couple of days.

Police are now hunting for Nail Gun Guy.

Ed. note: People who complain about me comparing JP to Southie when it comes to parking are right: I should stop. People in JP would never resort to nail guns.



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Man, what a fucking loser

Man, what a fucking loser yuppie. Why couldn't that yuppie loser with the nail gun take the time to get to know his neighbors instead of just nailing, nailing, nailing. Man, I hate those yuppies. A real Southie native would have just talked to his neighbor instead of doing something low-class like using a nail gun!

Also, top-notch police work by the BPD:

The witness also stated that he observed a blue pickup truck, possibly a Ford F150 with a company name printed on the doors of the vehicle and it had been parked in the spot for the last couple of days. Police searched the area to no avail.

Those cops must be a bunch of suburban yuppies, too.


I think you're confused.

I think you're confused. Yuppies have no clue what a nail gun is. A guy who drives around Southie with a F-150 and uses a SAWHORSE as a space saver is obviously a native. It's the yuppie who moved the space saver and called the cops on the NATIVE who used the nailgun...

That's impossible. The

That's impossible. The natives are the ones who get to know all their neighbors and resolve conflicts by talking to them face to face. That's what I keep reading here on Uhub, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.


Just don't even park in

Just don't even park in Southie, at all, ever. I parked in a "spot", about a week after a snowstorm, in front of a small park, near tons of other open "spots" (you could tell they used to be spots only because of about 1" of snow left on the ground from the week before). Came out in the morning and found a brick through my window. Nothing stolen, just someone decided that my car was an asshole and needed some property damage. I'm all for being a good neighbor and having a sense of community, but it stops at property destruction. To guys like that, get a f**king life. Seriously, you've got nothing better to do with your time?


Since moving to Southie, snow

Since moving to Southie, snow storms are the single most stressful part of my life. To the point that I'd rather take the commuter rail and walk 3 miles once I'm off the train on a busy road without a sidewalk than drive my car because I don't want to move it and then deal with parking when I return and getting shot with a nail gun.

aside, i've tried twice now to register my handle and all I get is the message that my request is being sent to the administrators for approval. am I doing something wrong?


The guy who moved the saw

The guy who moved the saw horse did the right thing. You can save your spot for a day after a snow emergency, but not after an inch or two of snow. No snow emergency, no saving your spot. People who try to save their spots in these situations are just pretentious, entitled douchebags.


It's a PUBLIC STREET, right?

Hey, I'm all for local customs and all, but, man, this idea that one person has a right over another to park on a public street is JUST PLAIN WRONG. Kinda like double parking, now that I mention it...


It can be just as bad in JP

I once had all 4 tires slashed *and* two cans of trash dumped on the roof of my car because I moved a space saver at 4:00AM, several days after a snowstorm. This was in JP, not Southie. The cops down at the E13 very helpfully told me "you shouldn't have done that."


South Boston Parking

It's funny, all of the space savers in my neighborhood have been put there by newcomers. Last year after the big storm a new resident moved my cone only minutes after finishing shoveling, put the cone in their back seat, and did not move their car for 8 weeks! Though I wanted to, I didn't damage that car. What comes around goes Round.


confused on why this is an

confused on why this is an Old Southie&New Southie debate. Everybody is using space savers. I agree that the first to put out space savers on Saturday when it started to flurry were the newcomers in their 20's and 30's. Hmmm???

They were put there by

They were put there by newcomers because they probably learned the hard way that the locals live by a different set of rules. the fact that you try to paint the spot saving tradition as something that the newcomers are to blame for is such nonsense.
Lets be clear, the biggest offenders to spot saving in a 2 inch storm is by the local losers that are jealous or the young successful people driving around in cars they could never afford. there is one of these local losers in on my block who has taken our spot saver twice now.
They try to stir things up with the 'yuppies' also known as educated people with careers. again something the locals lack.
Soon enough these locals will be totally priced out of the neighborhood and the civilized newcomers can finally end this nonsense with the damn spot savers


I beg to differ. I have lived

I beg to differ. I have lived here my entire life, both my husband and myself have college degrees, as do our children. We won't be priced out, because we own multiple rental properties that we rent to lovely young people.


No. Newcomers love the spot

No. Newcomers love the spot saving just as much as everybody else. They started the prestorm saving on my street. Ridiculous. Actually a BMW was the first. With his chair and two bleach bottles. Pathetic. Then the rest followed. It was fun to hear and Old Southie tell one off tonight for prestorm saving. Oh ya, and I also have a college degree am I cool now?


I have an Idea! Why don't all

I have an Idea! Why don't all the "newcomers" stop using space savers now that there is not much left of "old southie". A few saved spots here and there shouldn't force you to follow a "tradition" that you totally don't agree with. All of you just stop using them.

No. Newcomers didn't start it

No. Newcomers didn't start it but just stop using them if you are so against it. Like I said before, most residents are now newcomers so just don't use them and see how it goes. Stop whining if you are joining in and being a part of the problem. Oh and by the way, I was speaking to a wonderful newcomer this morning that was happy to be able to claim a spot for a few days.

what a delightfully stupid

what a delightfully stupid suggestion.
Listen, if i still lived in one of my old neighborhoods like back bay, mission hill, Coolidge corner or beacon hill than of course i would not put a spot saver because no one else does that. but, i am not going to be the only one to not use a spot saver in southie so one of the local yokels can just take it and then put their own spot saver.
I will play by the local's rules, it does not mean i have to agree with them.
Thanks for that brilliant idea

Well my point was that this

Well my point was that this is LOCAL tradition started by the LOCALS. someone else tried saying its all the newcomers which is bull. most of boston does not have this set of rules so when we move to southie we have to adapt to how the locals have lived.

Tragedy of the commons

Look up the economic principle known as "Tragedy of the commons" and get back to us.

A friend once lived in a dormitory in soviet-era Russia for a year. There were about 50 rooms on the floor, and a men's room with about 10 stalls in it. That's really enough to go around by any reasonable measure. When he arrived, one of the stalls had no toilet seat. He noticed a fellow resident carrying the toilet seat down the hall one day. Yup, just like saving a parking space, he had taken the toilet seat so that nobody else would use that stall and he would always have a guaranteed stall whenever he wanted one. Pretty soon everyone else noticed this, and within a week *all* the toilet seats were gone. So, on a floor with 50 people, 10 lucky asses had guaranteed reserved stalls, and everyone else had nothing.

That's what's wrong with trying to save parking spaces, and that's why if even a few people do it, it breaks the system for everyone.


Well, even the oldest

Well, even the oldest resident of Southie didn't start the space saving. It happened a long long time ago. We are ALL part of the disfunction now though. Stop blaming when there is nobody to blame. New residents are part of it.

Getting back to you. Toilet

Getting back to you. Toilet seats can be carried around but parking spaces can't. A few spots that have savers will not really affect the hundreds of unsaved spots. If it works it might just rub off on the old timers. Just sayin though

I disagree

Every single space-saver is pulling one space out of the available pool, forcing an extra car into a pay lot or garage, and providing additional incentive for other people to try to save spaces, too.

As long as the city tolerates space-savers, they are an easy way to improve one's own situation at the expense of everyone else, and most people are going to choose self-interest over principle and will go along with it and try to save spaces for themselves, too.

I totally agree with you on

I totally agree with you on that. The City of Boston should have done something a long time ago. It is dysfunctional and always has been. We have all been forced to do it because of something that started before we were even alive. It's not any south boston residents fault at this point. It's the putting other people down that gets to me. Both sides can do that and it's the easier way out. But it shouldn't make us feel good about ourselves.

Spoken by a true dumb ass who

Spoken by a true dumb ass who paid 5 times more for his property than it's worth and will be gone in a year..Another rootless, friendless spoiled brat yuppie who really is too sensitive and fragile to live in the city. But hey, there's always Newton..

Deserved It

I grew up there, this has been happening for 20 years. Back when I was in high school (96 or 97) , some dummy moved a chair and got white paint dumped on their BMW. THAT was bad. She was out there hooting and hollering like it was going to make a difference.

There is an easy solution, mark your own spots.

One time I parked in an unmarked spot and some dildo noob left some condescending note on my car about how it wasn't fair that I parked in the spot they shoveled out. If that person had marked their spot, there wouldn't have been an issue.

You may not like the local customs but they are local customs.


oh the drama

You seem to have a very low tolerance for what you consider "barbarism" is. Slashing/popping tires is not barbarism, it is vandalism, a criminal offense mind you, but not on the same level.

What happened to Amy lord was bararism.

As for the "way it has always been"... well, what can you do.

Furthermore, people fought wars over slavery, and using the comparison in such a glib manner is silly and potentially offensive. So many other ways you could have went with that comparison: littering, smoking in restaurants, burning tires (actually that would have been a good one). But no, you went to slavery. At least you stopped short of calling the nail gun dude Hitler.

Why do these people move to Southie anyway if the natives' backwards traditions offend them so mightily?


Why do these people move to Southie anyway if the natives' backwards traditions offend them so mightily?

Because people have a right to live wherever they damn please, and if criminal behavior (carried out in the name of "tradition") inconveniences them or causes them harm, they have a right to expect the police to put a stop to it.


There's an easier solution:

There's an easier solution: no space savers.

The city should remove all unauthorized objects left in the street. If they find out who put them there, they should issue a littering ticket.

Once people get the message that space savers won't be there when they return, and enough people start ignoring other people's savers, people will stop using them.


next time plan ahead.

If you know a storm is coming make sure you call daddy to come and shovel out a spot for you, that way when you get home from your demanding job as a "social media manager" or "junior copywriter". You can have a nice Prius sized spot waiting for you. After all, those witty tweets for aren't going to write themselves.



My father is dead. Has been for years. Would be quite the Christmas miracle, though. Or Zombie Event, take your pick.

I not only shovel my own damn space, I also own my own damn place to put my own damn car in because that's how I roll.



Chance that you are the kind of drunk who would not only park across somebody's driveway, but toss a cone out on your way out to reserve "your" spot.


Nail gun

It's a joke.we had all of 4 inches of snow.all for the savers after a big storm(8-10 inches) but All southie residents have ruined this unwritten rule.

No more vandalism

I mark my spot whenever I need to use a shovel. If you can drive over the snow it doesn't deserve a marker. That said, if someone takes my spot even when I shovel I don't damage anyone else's property. I won't make someone pay for new tires or a new window just because I lost my parking space for a night. It's time to eliminate labels like yuppie and local and start acting like civilized residents and neighbors.


Hey Adam, why do you have a

Hey Adam, why do you have a hair across your ass when it comes to Southie. Did you get beat up by some hood rats or something? Are you the by-product of a broken condom when your mother went slumming with a southie guy that was never around when you were growing up? What gives? Where is the perfect utopia of a neighborhood that you live in now?

Oh, I'm your worst nightmare, pal

A drop-in from the 212, which would eat you Southie toughs up and spit you out in a New York minute and not even think twice about it.

As for where I live now, let's see if you can figure that out by yourself. I've only been writing about it since I started this site. And rest assured, if my neighbors pulled half the stuff that goes on in Southie (really, nail guns?), I'd be all over them, too.