The new old Northern Avenue bridge

Northern Avenue Bridge shows us the bridge in its new nighttime colors.

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I'm not sure what your point

I'm not sure what your point is. Those aren't residential buildings, and the buildings themselves look brighter than the bridge.

I remember 15 years ago there was a serious push to demolish this bridge, until NPS and the City stepped in and said, "ain't happening." Love that it's remained as a pedestrian walkway over the water, and a setting for arts installations.


Negative responses are because you are tilting at windmills

You weren't making cracks about anything real, you were just ranting about what some imaginary nimbys might say if they lived in near-by buildings and this universe's physics worked completely differently (hint: hold a flashlight up against the siding on your house. Ooo, nice effect! Now shine it at a building 200 feet away. See the difference?)

You're part of that crowd that likes to set up a strawman, piss all over it, and then say "OMG, piss-soaked straw, isn't that just typical?"

Lights are quite beautiful!

Go over and take a look for yourself. The lighting is a bit more subtle than what is shown in the photograph. The colored lights change slowly and light the scaffolding and does not over power the bridge --or the passers by… A beautiful addition to the neighborhood.


Charlestown Bridge replacement

The bridge is slated for complete replacement. I can't remember the exact timeline, but I think they're waiting for the completion of the replacement of the North Station draws (which will be replaced immediately following the replacement of the Gloucester Draw in Gloucester).


The lights add a lot of visual interest to the general neighborhood, and encourage observers to appreciate the underlying structure (and as a sci/eng nerd, I would say 'beauty') of the bridge itself.

It's also fitting that the lighting fixtures were contributed by ColorKinetics (now part of Philips). That local company was started by folks from MIT's Media Lab, and the brilliant engineer who designed most of thier initial product line used to live in Fort Point. I think he would have gotten a real kick out of seeing this in his old neighborhood.