New York paper amazed at the success of Kendall Square



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For God's sake

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Open a damn 7-11 and Dunkin Donuts in Kendall, maybe God forbid a sub shop-fast food joint. I'm dead serious. Whenever I want the usual crap people need to but at a 7-11 type store I need to go up to Central Scare.

What part of Kendall?

You don't have to go that far up Main Street or Broadway to find a convenience store. I know that pass several coming through from Inman to the Bridge of a morning's commute.

Otherwise, maybe you could consider this an entrepreneurial calling? Find a location, put together a business plan ...

There are several dunks around Kendall Square, too. 222 Broadway, 1 Broadway (near 3rd St.) ...

There's a 7-11 on Main Street

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There's a 7-11 on Main Street near tech square. There is a sub shop and a locally owned convenience store by the Kendall T stop by where the food trucks park.

Old Kendall Square

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The funny thing about the F&T diner is it always had a sign on the door saying "closed", even when it was open. And remember the surreal Terminal Barbershop? And that spacey poem painted in large multicolored letters on the side of the empty brick building? That was the days of the old, empty Kendall Square, but it was kind of interesting.

Kendall Square needs a CVS

... or a Walgreens or a Rite Aid. I'm serious. If you need to fill a prescription for any of the marvelous new drugs that are being developed around there, you have to leave the area.

Taking just one of the CVS stores out of downtown Boston and moving it here would improve both neighborhoods.

how about...

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Moving the one from Newbury st. You know, the one that is around the corner from the one on Boylston


That's what I took out of the article as well. The closest CVS is at Central Square. Absolutely crazy. I'm curious what the Marriott concierge suggests to its guests that need medicine...

less than a mile to CVS

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It is less than 3/4 miles from the Marriott to the mall, which has a CVS. It is exactly a mile to the Central Square one. If you aren't a walker, you can afford a short cab ride if you can afford the marriott.

Drug Store in Kendall Square

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There was an old timey drug store in Kendall Square for years near where the post office is. I forget the name. Maybe Kendall Drugs? It closed quite a long time ago. You'd think it would thrive with the lack of anything else, but the time of those old style "drug store" type drug stores is gone.

Yes, it was called Kendall Drug

and it was located in the same building as the post office and BayBank Bank of America, in the storefront where a useless Fidelity Investments office is now.