New Yorker hit and killed by Red Line train at South Station

Transit Police report a 25-year-old man from New York got down onto the inbound Red Line tracks at South Station around 12:30 a.m. on Saturday and was hit and killed by a train.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident, such as trying to determine why the man "walked into the pit area."



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It's not that bad

The recent rash of train pushings in New York City to which the boro president was reacting to is actually being over-dramatised by the press and Transit Worker's Union considering the billions of safe trips made each week by New Yorkers.

I trust you'll find similarly infinitesimal figures for number of deaths per 1k trips in Boston.

In comparison to the number of deaths by other modes of transport, including the number of pedestrian deaths from cars, rail travel is still significantly safer than the majority of car trips made within 1 mile of the home, even if you include non-fatal crimes on the T. Though even with pedestrian deaths from cars, Boston is relatively safe.


It's hard to have sympathy

It's hard to have sympathy for an adult playing around on the train tracks...There is no good reason for anyone to be on those tracks unless they fell by accident, or were trying to save someone that fell onto the tracks.

Knowing this wonderful young

Knowing this wonderful young man and his family and the type of people they are it is easy to have sympathy. Also I tend not to make to judgements until all the investigations are complete and the facts are verified. This is a tragedic loss!



Mr. D , had a heart as big as all outdoors , I (we) had lost on very special person that I will always keep with me. Mr.D was my teacher , my friend , please stop saying mean things about him .
Mr. D my dad is in heaven too he will watch out for you along with god .


Man of kindness....... Mr. D

He was the nicest person. He never fight or say anything bad to you to hurt your feelings.. I can tell he lived a wonderful life because he was always happy. He was a loving caring protecting person.. He is my friend, teacher, buddy and like a brother. He would brighten my day with a smile and that is all it takes for him to make you have a good day.


Unless I hear that this guy

Unless I hear that this guy fell into the tracks, I'm not going to have much sympathy for that situation. A tragic loss for his family, but by going down into the track bed he put his life at risk in a way that could have been avoided.

Man hit by train

"I hate Boston" How can you say something so cold and crass and well.. STUPID?! The "adult wasn't playing on the tracks"! A surveillance camera showed him slipping and falling! I hope you'll be haunted by him in terrible nightmares!! But then again...he was the nicest, most loving, most helpful, most happy guy I have ever instead I'm sure he'll be watching over you and protecting you from others that want to beat the crap out of you for saying such stupid things. You appear to have some anger issues - nice "username"!

You need to not make an ass

You need to not make an ass of yourself and ASSume he was "playing around the tracks." He was not. It was an accident. Think twice before you make a comment like that when such a wonderful family tragically lost their son. No parent should have to bury their own child.


Where is the tact?

How about the police look into the one officer who came in and started yelling, "DID HE JUMP?? DID HE JUMP?" And then kicked us all out, no statements and no way to get home at 12:30 at night when the T is supposed to shut down. I would like to think that's not how you handle things. Not to mention the fact that for those of us who saw this it was traumatizing, this blog is how I find out the man is dead?? And I've left a complaint with the MBta, think they've gotten back to me? The answer is no.


Someone gets killed on the tracks, a cop shows up moments later and starts asking for some idea of what the hell just happened and you're... offended?

Did you want him to rush over and take each person aside and quietly interview them? In his mind, something truly horrible had just taken place, a man was almost certainly dead and the officer running on adrenaline and training needed a general idea of what was going on in the shortest amount of time possible. Yeah, I'll send a note asking them to keep their voices down in an emergency.

On top of that, you have the gall to complain about not being given a ride home after a man had been killed on the tracks?

You're right. Where is the tact?


Not to mention the fact that

Not to mention the fact that for those of us who saw this it was traumatizing, this blog is how I find out the man is dead??

Were they supposed to call you personally to update you or something?

You kind of sound like a self-centered moron here. Maybe that's not how you intend to come off, but wow. Get over yourself. Something awful happened to someone else's family and all you can talk about is how no one helped you deal with it?

Actually the guy did handle

Actually the guy did handle it very poorly. He should have gotten statements instead of telling everyone to clear out, and his insensitive comments about the guy jumping, were unprofessional. If you guys were there witnessing it, it was bad. I got down too late to see what happened other than a second guy jumping down to look under the train, and the first MBTA official that went a little crazy. Not well handled.

How about better public toilets on the MBTA?

As much as they're a burden to maintain, maybe we wouldn't have so many drunkies trying to use the tracks to pee.

**Disclaimer: I am not saying or disrepsecting this young man in any way, shape, or form, and I don't know why he was on the tracks. But a lot of the people who end up on the tracks are wandering around down there intoxicated.

Was waiting for the outcome...

I was actually only a few feet away from the guy with two of my friends. While it happened really quickly, we all felt that it seemed pretty intentional. We had all been drinking for some time, but our reactions of "oh shit DUCK!" ... Was surreally sobering. They told us he was alive at the time but I feel it was just to pacify everyone.

Then some drunk shithead tried to pick a fight with me and my buddy because our friend was so hysterical about it. Then no cabs except a livery that shouldn't have picked us up. All in all a bad end to the night.

I'll never know what pushed him to jump down there but I hope that any family he may have left is able to figure things out.


Jeff b- if you have

Jeff b- if you have information regarding this incident you should contact the authorities. it seems your commentary may or may not be accurate. I certainly hope Universal hub updates this story once the investigation is complete. Was the victim alone or intoxicated, slip and fall.? In any event--a huge tragedy for his family and friends


Regardless of what happened and what anyone has to say about the man who died, this is a complete tragedy for his very close-knit family and friends. We will all miss him so much.