News flash: If you make threats on a train, you might find yourself surrounded by armored cops

MBTA cops with automatic weapons rushed into the Kendall Square Red Line station to pull some alleged fool off a Red Line train at lunchtime. A spokesman reports:

A customer reported that a man aboard a northbound Red Line train had made comments of a threatening nature. The train was held at Kendall while police investigated. The man was removed from the train and questioned by police.



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what an idiot

You would think people would know not to mess with the MBTA's SWAT team after last week.

I was on that train today and

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I was on that train today and it was not communicated to us what exactly was happening as a police emergency, and no news station has reported on today's event yet.

Needless to say, it was very scary to be held on the train for several minutes while SWAT teams ran the track, and then evacuated all passengers from Kendall Station.

Thank you to all the responders and police teams who thoroughly checked, removed and cleared this threat.

That guy was my brother, & he

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That guy was my brother, & he was completely unaware of what was about to happen to him. You don't know the whole story so don't judge before you know the facts. He was told he fit the description of someone who made a bomb threat. He was detained because he had on a knit cap, brown jacket & god forbid a back pack. He was born & raised in Cambridge mass, no record no arrests ever in 47 years & ask your self why this story can not be find in any of the LOCAL papers or news. I had to find it on this rinky dink sight. Thats because they know they messed up.

This is not...

...a "rinky dink sight." It's a rinky dink site. Anyway, if what you say is true, perhaps when it checks out, you can get the arrest expunged, if he was arrested and not just detained then let go. I dunno, IANAL.

Best you can do

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is mock a single grammatical error? You never make errors? Ever read major new media publications and find glaring grammatical and factual errors, even though they have professional writers, editors, proof readers, etc.? I do all the time, even in the most reputable, such as the New York Times.


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trying to correct the record, best to make sure the record is correct. No?

Sorry Susan, but

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detaining a person because they fit the description of a person who made a bomb threat isn't messing up. It's good police work.

Fit the description? Yeah, I

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Fit the description? Yeah, I understand after every thing that just happened everyone is freaked out. I know what he looks like, do you?
He looks like about 500 other guys who ride the train every day. Cambridge has so many schools so many people with back packs, so many people who wear knit caps with the lovely weather changes. It didn't happen to you. He ( my brother) knows they were just doing their job. Guess what though He still has to ride that train everyday and go to work like he has for the last 27 years & now everyone he rides on the train with is going to look at him & wonder. How would you like to feel that way.

fit the discription

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I am the person that was taken off the train that day is fire is fitting that description goes it doesn't carry much weight with me because whoever made the complaint had stated that a threat was made I did not speak one word while on that train I did not talk to one person so I can see how a threat was made if I said nothing at all.

Oh wait,

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DOUBLE FUCKING NEWSFLASH: PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO WANT TO RIDE THE T IF IT FUCKING SUCKS, which by the way in case you're an idiot and need it spelled out for you, IT FUCKING SUCKS SO FAR.


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(I feel so un-with-it....might as well adopt a comb-over, pull my pants up to my nipples and hit the Lawrence Welk kids with your lingo...I'm confused all the time.)