Newton resident learns what happens when you put your hand in a snowblower

The Newton Fire Department reports firefighters and EMTs responded to a call today for "a finger amputation by snowblower," adds:

Folks, please turn the machines off first before you clear the blockages.

The Mass. Emergency Management Agency warns even that isn't good enough:

Never, EVER, put your hand in a snowblower. Even after the snowblower is turned off, tension can be stored in the rotor blades.



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Not silly

I thought that nurse interviewed on her way to her hospital to work was being melodramatic. She said they always got snowblower injuries after blizzards.


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My pediatrician only had 3

My pediatrician only had 3 fingers on one of his hands because of a snowblower accident. Was freaky as hell and made one really question his sense of judgement...

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Rule of thumb

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Your pediatrician should have more fingers than your shop teacher.

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Even when you shut them off, don't put your hand in there (said the man who can do fractions on his fingers).

Nurse told me that in addition to idiots who stick their hands in snowblowers, during snowstorms the ERs also get a lot of guys stuck in the house who go out in the garage to pass the time and take off finger tips with table saws. We Are Morons, Tried and True...

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More hazards of heavy snow

Make sure that, if you have one of those direct vent furnaces or hot water heaters (the ones that go out the side of the building and don't use a chimney), you have unblocked the exhaust. I believe code now says they have to be three feet up, but CO kills.

Dryer vents should be cleared as well (I spent an hour tunneling over to ours this afternoon).

Make sure that you unblock the exhaust to your car before starting it while you are shovelling it out.

Might be a good idea to remove snow from your roof edges before the thaw - we have a communal roof rake for this in our neighborhood.

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Did any media warn of this?

I cleared snow from my neighbor's vents, because the drifts were getting VERY close. In all the hours of storm coverage, I never heard anyone warn of this, not even the governor speaking at the bunker. (Though, he did say that if the power goes out, a fridge will keep things cold for about 24 hours. Never mind that you could just put the stuff on the porch.)

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