Next up in the dock: Bose patent lawsuit

The Framingham audio company yesterday filed a patent lawsuit against a company that makes an iPhone docking system that competes with its own SoundDock offering.

In its suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, Bose charges SDI Technologies' iHome line, which lets users turn their Apple iDevices into boomboxes, violates a patent Bose was awarded on Jan. 29 for a system for turning computers into audio systems.

Bose says SDI knew it had applied for a patent for the system and that the continued existence of iHome unfairly harms sales of its SoundDock system. Bose is seeking the complete withdrawal of the iHome line from the market and, naturally, tons of money.



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I hope Bose loses big.

There is nothing unique about their system. This system topology has existed for many years now.

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Bad idea lawsuit...

... I got an actual boombox for my iPod back the day before my daughter was born (1987); it was so I'd have music in my room after what turned into an emergency c-section.

I'm pretty sure that the combination of prior art and obviousness would lose this case in front of a jury. But given that it's patent law, who knows?

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