Next Monday might be a fun day for people who don't have to drive along the river roads

The state begins Longfellow Bridge detours this weekend as it begins to rip the bridge apart and put it back together better than ever.

Starting Saturday, only people driving from Cambridge to Boston will be allowed on the bridge. The Cambridge bound will instead be diverted via Storrow Drive up to Charles River Dam Road and then across that thoughtfully already re-built span into Cambridge.



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Maybe this time...

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Maybe this time the Commonwealth will keep better tabs on contractors as not to allow further theft of the bridge's facade.


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They were state (DCR) employees not contractors. I think they were punished enough to make this type of crime unappealing. They're being forced to pay back the full value of the railings... more than 1/2 million dollars. They only got $12k from the scrap yard.

Darn it!

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That's what I thought; thank you for correcting me. I think it's even worse that they were state employees. Although reading about state employees stealing from their own employer is crazy, right? Emphasis on the sarcasm...

Should be

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A real mess, especially since BU Bridge traffic is backed up too. Only so many bridges.

How so?

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From what I've seen, this bridge doesn't get much use at all - except for the 400 cyclists and pedestrians an hour that use it. I rarely see cars more than three deep at the light in Boston, and don't get many passing headed into Cambridge.

In other words, it doesn't carry much traffic now - why should moving half that traffic matter?

It's backed up because the

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It's backed up because the overpass on Memorial is undergoing construction. All traffic on Memorial is diverted into the rotary that the BU bridge feeds into, causing backups that reflect back into Comm Ave and Carlton St where people coming from the Riverway are trying to get to Cambridge.


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Red line riders, pedestrians and cyclists will all be allowed on the bridge, too

More than one way to skin a... bridge?

Thanks for pointing that out to everyone, geep9. While it's true that you can't drive from Boston to Cambridge, you can walk, cycle or T it the entire time, save the 25 weekends over the next 3 years where there will be weekend diversions.

Craigie Bridge and Mass Ave are the alternate routes. I know it's not going to be pretty for a while as everyone gets used to the new configuration, but I hope all can see it's for a greater good at the end of the day. (Or roughly 1,300 days, that is.)

These repairs are long overdue. I'm particularly looking forward to being able to walk on the upstream side without constantly having to squish over because that sidewalk is so small.

I'm telling everyone I know about the diversion so it's not such a surprise. Knowledge is power in this situation.

As of last night, the

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As of last night, the northbound Museum of Science bridge was down to one lane at the Museum Way light. Are they going to hurry up and finish that before the Longfellow detour?

MoS Bridge construction vs Longfellow

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Late Sunday night, 28 South was down to one lane just after Land Boulevard, because of a large trench in the road.

Granted it didn't cause a problem with the light traffic at that time, but it does mean that the construction in that area isn't finished.