No problems on the Red Line this morning, but the Blue Line makes up for that

Suffolk Downs commutersSuffolk Downs commuters head for shuttle buses. Photo by Boxbot.

The ever popular wire problems mean no Blue Line service between Suffolk Downs and Airport this morning, so commuters get to enjoy emergency shuttle buses instead.



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Time for a rewiring

The Blue Line has more problems with wires than any trolleybuses or the Green Line. I think it's time for a complete replacement. This is one of those maintenance issues that are easy to put off because you can just keep repairing it and putting band-aids on it. But at the end of the day, it's a constantly recurring disaster.

IIRC, the reason it uses

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IIRC, the reason it uses catenary wires is because of concerns with ice forming on the third rail in the winter. Perhaps the MBTA's experience with the Red Line extension to Braintree (which is also near the ocean, and which does use a third rail) has shown that a third rail system is feasible for the Blue Line.

Except that the Blue Line

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Except that the Blue Line wire system was replaced in the mid 1990s and is much newer than most of the Green Line and TT wire installs.

Gee I missed this

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I usually go to Wood Island via the 112 in the morning (usually around 7am). I'm glad I waited for my roommate to give me a ride to Haymarket!

Fun Alternate Universe

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Imagine if somehow, once a week or so, one of the main highways into the city just stopped working. Like "Sorry, folks, Route 3 is broken for a few hours". I wonder how little expense would be spared to fix that.

This is how F'ed up the T is

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Shuttle buses ran from Suffolk to Airport. Switched to train at Airport and when the train arrived at Aquarium the operator announces the train will be standing by a couple minutes do a "schedule adjustment." Needless to say this announcement was met with a collective moan. Well, I suppose if you're already a half hour late for work what's a measly two minutes? (sarcasm intended)