The North End's vomit trail reports one of the trash haulers that services neighborhood businesses seems to have a bit of a containment problem, turning Salem Street into a foul-smelling open-air vomitorium:

The whole street smells like a garbage dump all the time now. You can’t walk down the street at any time of day or day of the week, without getting assaulted by this horrible, horrible smell at several spots.



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How common is it for garbage

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How common is it for garbage trucks to leak, dripping trash juice down their entire route? Should I expect the city to make sure their trucks don't do this?


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Can we find ways to use "vomitorium" for frequently. Excellent fake word!

It's a real word for a Roman

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It's a real word for a Roman room used to vomit in following gorging oneself at one of their crazy party orgy things.

Lots of are some solutions.

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1) For trash, a neighborhood this dense should adopt European-style "shared" containers that are picked up by the city or a vendor. But I'm sure everyone would complain about losing parking spaces, and nobody would want to have the containers in front of their building, etc.

2) Since today's complaint is specifically about organic waste, how about requiring separate compost pickup? If restaurants are throwing out food waste in regular trash, it's going to get crushed in the truck and leak into the street. The types of trucks that are often used for compost pickup* are specifically designed not to leak. And, the food waste gets turned into compost rather than wasting landfill space.

There, I just solved all your problems.


Take your useful, well

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Take your useful, well thought-out, and clearly explained ideas and get off the internet. We don't like your kind 'round here.

What about the business

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What about the business owners taking a hose and broom or tap the fire hydrant (with city permission) and cleaning the streets themselves.


On the one hand, it addresses the immediate problem of the streets being filthy. OTOH, it makes keeping the waste inside the garbage trucks an externality for company who are supposed to be dealing with this.

Why bother spending time or money to do your job correctly when you can half-ass it for a while and get the neighbors to do it for you?

"The types of trucks that are

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"The types of trucks that are often used for compost pickup are specifically designed not to leak."

So no thought went into preventing leaks in conventional garbage trucks?

Five bucks says it's JRM

Five bucks says it's JRM Hauling. Arlington switched to them for residential trash a year or two ago and the streets are strewn with trash every week after they come by ("fortunately", it's usually "only" paper and plastic). Don't know what sort of special mojo Waste Management had to actually get the garbage *into* the garbage truck, but the JRM collectors seemed to have skipped that particular training session.

How else

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is the city going to save five bucks and lower property taxes by 0.0002% to appease the anti-tax zealots?