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The Patriots Day parade in Arlington was fun, but it didn't really have a lot of Minutemen - way more Shriners, in fact (and a troop of Civil War re-enactors, um, what?).



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These people are soul-sucking

I'm relatively new to town, and it's a great town or I wouldn't have moved here. There are some residents who will only accept change if they're being dragged kicking and screaming. Don't worry, Arlington is no Cambridge and won't be one. Even it did I doubt it would be a bad thing. Finally only 20% could ever approach Cambridge in density, not coincidentally the part of town that was orignally named "West Cambridge".

It's Arlington

It's definitely a very Arlington event - uniquely suited for the town. Not necessarily what you'd expect going in, I agree.

Tomorrow has a bit more traditional events. Flag raising, re-enactments, William Dawes rides, etc. Town website has the schedule.

If you check your pictures, you can probably find one of me marching in the parade ;)

Hard enough finding WWII vets

Hard enough finding WWII vets, let alone Minutemen.

Even if free, the Shriners don't seem appropriate, unless they represent patriots in Aleppo Syria fighting for freedom. Very commercial with all their semi-trailer trucks to transport the little cars. And the way they drive! We see drivers and cyclists doing much the same most every day in Massachusetts, so no big deal. Their act needs freshening up along with some others.

The bottom line, however is providing entertainment for young kids, on theme and historically accurate or not.