Ocean eats parts of Dorchester, South Boston

Wicked heavy traffic, wicked high tide at Neponset River Bridge. Photo by Boston Harbor Beacon.Wicked bad traffic into Boston, wicked high tide at Neponset River Bridge. Photo by Boston Harbor Beacon.

State Police, of course, closed Morrissey Boulevard early this morning, which is what you can expect from a road built roughly two inches above sea level next to a bay. And that, naturally, meant shutting the exit to Morrissey off I-93 northbound.

At 7:59 a.m., Steve Bickerton tweeted:

Neponset Circle backed up Gallivan Blvd. to Eire Pub.

Michelle added:

Neponset Ave is a parking lot. 15 mins from Coffey Street to Lil Peach.

Meanwhile, upbay at Castle Island, Steve Brady reported:

The ocean is slowly devouring the Sugar Bowl, and the water is up to the sidewalk at parts of the causeway. Couldn't even see a hint of the harbor islands from the Sugar Bowl, either. Just the swollen ocean. Very eerie.



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I didn't even think to go look at this but

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there is an apartment building between these two bridges (the closest one is the Red Line). I wonder how it made out. If they plow my G-D street anytime this afternoon, maybe I'll go take a look see.

What/Where the heck is the

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What/Where the heck is the Sugar Bowl at Castle Island? I've lived here all my life and walked around Castle Island hundreds of times and never heard of it.