Odin Lloyd laid to rest

Peter Gelzinis reports.

The New York Times sums up how Lloyd and Aaron Hernandez's paths crossed.




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Blinded by the light

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Both Mr. Lloyd and certainly Mr. Hernandez.

Little good can come from such a young man, with such a background as Mr. Hernandez has, suddenly wallowing in wealth and adulation.

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So Hernandez would have been better staying poor because as with a working class Latino background, he couldn't handle money?

Can't tell if you're obtuse or racist,

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No, it's not a 'racist' comment

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I'm the OP. I mean:

His age: he and 99% of other guys his age, are too young and immature to handle such wealth, fame and responsibility. I honestly don't know what his socioeconomic and family background is, aside from the facts he graduated early from HS and graduated from college, as did his father. I know nothing else about him. But judging by his actions, some of which he posted to online social media sites, he was immature and in my opinion more than a little egotistical and conceited. And if he is involved as alleged with a street gang such as the bloods, has a proven history of violence and impulse control issues, and now may have killed at least 3 people, that suggests to me a pretty poor upbringing by whoever raised him. Most people no matter what their background, ethnicity, race, whatever, don't and wouldn't do what he has allegedly done. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. His behind the scenes behavior is radically different up until now with his public persona. Maybe he's a psychopath, who knows. He's certainly got the charm and fooling people into thinking he's a nice guy down pat.

And I grew up poor in the Bronx, Boston, Somerville. I don't need any lectures on racism, thanks anyway.

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What a load of garbage

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So to start, you state that little good can come of someone with 'his background' becoming rich and to clarify on your second post you state that you not know what his background is. Some poor folks turn out bad, some rich folks turn out bad. Often family upbringing is a key matter, but not always.

A 23 year old who just signed a $40m deal on the basis of his personal talent and work is probably going to be egotistical, but triple murder is a leap.

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His background?

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By that I mean there's NO WAY his family, mom, dad, etc., didn't know what he was up to. NO WAY. He didn't hide it.

You have a chip on your shoulder. And why would you take my personal critique of a guy who murdered a guy because he didn't like who his victim was talking to in a club, so personally? Do you know Hernandez personally? Is he a friend or relative, or a stranger? What I said was nothing to get excited about.

By accusing me of being racist or anti-Hispanic or whatever, you're just attempting to put me on the defensive. I don't like it. You wouldn't like it if I did it to you.

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