Oh, come on guys, you need to put at least a little effort into it

Lazy-ass parkers in Dorchester.

Tania deLuzuriaga photographed her neighbor's lazy-ass space saving on Savin Hill early in the storm.



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lots of savers out in Roslindale

This morning I jogged down Bradfield Ave and saw at least half a dozen spaces with cones, chairs, or flower pots in them. I think/suspect this is because the street is sandwiched between snow emergency routes. You leave for work and come home to find nowhere to park because everyone on Centre moved their cars. Today is/was a good day to stay home, get that car positioned, and sit tight for the next 24 hours.


Putting stuff that can fly out when high winds are predicted isn't just futile, it is reckless.

No....Way beyond stupid is more like it!