Oh, deer: Mattapan Line drivers told to watch out for Bambi

A.P. Blake alerts us that drivers on the Mattapan Line are being told to watch out for a deer reported on the trolley right of way, outbound, in Milton.

No doubt the cervid is hoofing it on the tracks because the ride now costs more than a buck.



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Oh, it probably has

I'm sure it must have happened at least a couple times in the past. But I just happened to overhear this on the Green Line radio (Mattappan and Green Line use same frequency).


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Having lived in the Lower Mills area for 37 years (albeit quite a while back) I find it VERY surprising that a deer was on the tracks. In all of my time there, I never saw ONE deer. It's not exactly a verdant woodland around there.


Lost deer.

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Oh deer. The poor thing needs some doe to ride the T.