Oh, don't mine me

Old mine

One of Boston's more unusual public monuments is the unexploded (but presumably defused) mine the Navy had put in the North Sea to blow up U-boats during World War I, now permanently on display next to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at the top of Boston Common.



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That looks a lot bigger

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Than the mine that Gilligan fished out of the lagoon. The Professor wasn't able to defuse it and Gilligan had to tow it back out. Oh,that Gilligan!

My dad told me

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when he was a kid, his dad would take him down to the old Boston Navy Yard to see the ships and they had a huge pile of these things out in the open. They're quite large.

It's in sorry shape

It looks beyond repair without extenstive rebuilding as the tinworm has eaten through the box the mine is sitting on. It's too bad, maybe there's another one floating around (no pun intended) that could replace it.