Oh, God, not again

UPDATE: Cantore is actually headed to Worcester this time. Who'll keep Roker company on the Common?

Both Jim Cantore and Al Roker are headed our way again, for the second time in a month, this time to cover Nor'easterpalooza 2013 II: Plum Island Dies Harder. But where are Ginger Zee and Anderson Cooper?




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    Save Susan Tran!

    Meanwhile, WHDH producers have been searching near and far for the most dangerous deck they can put Susan Tran on.

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    The storm has already been

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    The storm has already been named "Snowquester" by the Capitol Weather Gang of WAPO. To avoid confusion cannot we use the same name here.

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    Plum Island

    Well, the obvious and inevitable happened on Plum Island just now:

    From WHDH.

    I just don't understand WHY people live there. Woman calling tried to downplay the fact that people live on Plum Island by saying "Yeah, it's a barrier island, but MA has 600+ barrier islands and has been built upon for over 100 years." That doesn't mean you should build on it! The words "barrier island" should be an indicator that development isn't a very intelligent thing to pursue on it!

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    If Plum island didn't exist

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    If Plum Island didn't exist we would have no way of knowing it was snowing out. Especially during some of the flurries the TV news calls "storms". It serves no other purpose except to be on the news when it snows.

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