Oh, you watch, soon those turkeys will be pecking the hand that feeds them

Wicked Local Brookline continues its coverage of the fowl menace confronting Brookline in these dark (meat) days, with two reports on the two-bit turkey thugs terrorizing the town: In the first, police responded to a report of a turkey on one street only to find it on another, being fed by a resident (Wicked Local does not specify if this was after midnight). In the second, a terrorized mom called to report a turkey "acting aggressively" toward her husband and child.



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    Normally, I would be completely ready to open up with sarcasm directed at those finding their hollow-boned Thanksgiving dinner entrees in the same category as the Brookline bear. Or something.

    However, the real story here seems like "a fox or a woodchuck was near her home’s foundation". I mean, I'm sure that's a possibility, but unless the thing is operating a backhoe or laying explosive charges ...

    Speaking only for myself

    I'd be embarrassed to bother the police about a terrorist turkey. Go online, research turkeys and how to deal with them. Just deal with it. Wildlife like turkeys, geese, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, rats/mice,bats, bunny rabbits, all kinds of birds, all common in suburban and urban areas. Learn to live with them or at least deal with them. When I was a little kid in the city, packs of feral dogs and tom cats [who make a creepy sound like a crying human baby at night] were also commonplace, not so much today.