Old Nantucket lightship could light up the harbor next year

Light ship

UPDATE: Forget about it, ship's owner says.

Harbor Arts, which has already transformed an East Boston shipyard into an outdoor art gallery, is working on a new project to light up Boston Harbor. According to Brian Kane, who is working with the group, an "80′ x 50′ flexible mesh video sail" will be installed between the two masts of the old Nantucket Lightship, which has been moored at an East Boston pier for years:

The public will be able to upload moderated videos from their mobile devices and have them displayed on the sail, which is daylight visible and can be seen from downtown Boston and across the waterfront areas.



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    I built a model of this when I was a kid. The masts really were beige. I clicked on the link, watched the video tour then, well, watch it. The ending, the last few seconds, was the most jarring, the most disturbing thing I have seen in a while...


    I think Harbor Arts/Kane have

    I think Harbor Arts/Kane have a link to the wrong Nantucket lightship on that website. They probably meant to use this one:
    This Nantucket lightship is a non-profit museum berthed in East Boston being preserved and maintained to historical accuracy.
    The other Nantucket lightship (with the spiffy video, granite countertops, & HI-DEF TVS) is a privately owned ship available for charters & rentals in New York, Newport, Nantucket, Boston, or wherever somebody who has the money wishes to take her.
    Both are beautiful and do their part to keep alive the history of Lightships and the men who served aboard them.
    I'm looking forward to this Harbor Arts project.
    (For more information about lightships consult your local library.)