Woman loses control of car, drives into Wollaston T stop

Transit Police report a 78-year-old woman pulling into the parking lot at Wollaston station around 10:25 a.m. lost control of her car and wound up driving into the station itself.

"It appears she may have suffered from a medical emergency" that caused her to lose control, police say.

This incident was a couple weeks after somebody drove into the Silver Line tunnel.



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Medical Emergency Much?

You people are kind of sick. The article mentions she may have had a medical emergency. It's one thing to snark about drunken morons who make bad decisions, but an elderly woman who may have been in serious trouble? Really?


Exactly. This rarely happens

Exactly. This rarely happens in countries which take better care of their elderly and have better public transit. Leaving the elderly and infirm no other transportation option aside from driving is a grave disservice to both them and the endangered public at large.



It seems like a lot of citizens have lost their lives in bizarre incidents on the T this year. May she rest in peace.