One Fund to start sending out nearly $61 million in checks

One Fund Boston reports checks to Marathon-bombing victims and survivors will begin going out tomorrow.

“No amount of money can replace what has been lost,” Administrator Kenneth Feinberg said in a statement. "It was a solemn responsibility to allocate these finite contributions across tremendous pain and suffering, but it was made lighter by the unprecedented generosity of Bostonians, of Americans, and of people around the world."

Amounts range from $2.2 million to the survivors of the three murder victims and three victims who suffered double amputations or permanent brain injuries to $8,000 for people who were injured and treated at a hospital but who did not require overnight stays.



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    is it true that Police

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    is it true that Police Officer's Injured were not entitled to this fund?

    No, that is not true. Ken

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    No, that is not true. Ken Feinberg said many times that Sean Collier's family was eligible to apply.

    “No amount of money can

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    “No amount of money can replace what has been lost,” Administrator Kenneth Feinberg said

    ...and, incidentally, how much is Feinberg making to "administer" the fund, and of course steer as much business to his friends?

    Bet the legal and "consulting" fees are nice and high.

    The last time I checked (in

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    The last time I checked (in late-ish May) the fund was just over $30 million. Were there late-breaking corporate donations? Just checked the One Fund's website, and there wasn't a balance update.

    I'm just hoping that it's enough for everyone (especially those with amputations) to make the changes they'll need to make in their lives, be it modifications to homes, new vehicles, prostheses, therapy, or probably 1000 other things I'm not even imagining.

    Didn't some larger

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    Didn't some larger corporations pledge but not give until later? There were also a lot of small local businesses that held events right til the very end who probably didn't submit until the deadline, (which was in early June, correct?) Either way, if it did double like you say, that is impressive in the most simple form of the word.