One Papa Gino's pizza proves a roaring success

Lion and pizza

Mike reports that when he ordered a pizza from the Randolph Papa Gino's last night, he made a request: "Draw a lion on box, please. Even if cheesy." As you can see, they delivered. He adds:

My one year old saw it and roared. Which was my entire reason for the request.



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During an Eastern Conference

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During an Eastern Conference Final game in the Bruins Stanley Cup season, I asked the pizza place I ordered from to write their prediction for the final score on the box. They were way off, but it made me a bigger fan of the store.

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Nice of them to oblige. Plus it's a good sketch!

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should have a Clemson paw

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should have a Clemson paw logo beside it ;)

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big deal

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wendy's puts blunts in the burgers now!!

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