Only north/south rail link in greater Boston shut again

The folks at report the Grand Junction bridge over the Charles River - which connects rail lines north and south of the city - has had to be shut again, only three months after it was re-opened following extensive repairs.

The bridge is used for produce shipments to the Chelsea market and lets Amtrak and MBCR ferry trains to repair facilities on either side of the Charles (South Boston for Amtrak, Somerville for MBCR). With the bridge shut again, trains have to go on a circuitous route via Worcester County.

A couple years ago, state officials bought the Grand Junction bridge and East Cambridge rail line in the hopes of routing some Worcester Line trains to North Station. They've since shelved those plans.




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We Need a North/South Rail Link Fast

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I need a one seat ride via rail from Fall River to Wakefield. Please spend billions on it now before any new Red Line track and rolling stock repairs, any Green Line extension to Medford, or signal improvements so the trolleys can get from Kenmore to Park in under 25 minutes.

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nix Chelsea

With CSX giving up Beacon Park and now based in Worcester, they have given up the Chelsea fruit & scrap business. Pan Am rail (aka Guilford) not makes those deliveries coming from the North, so no more freight on the Junction at the moment...

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