Op-ed writer complains about the mess Boston schools find themselves in after 20 years

David Bernstein thinks the guy has a point and maybe should consider running against the incumbent mayor next year.



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Bernstein links to an editorial in the Back Bay Patch - one of the only major neighborhoods in the city without an elementary school. Did this appear throughout the patch network and that was just his "Patch" of choice or was this targeted at the Back Bay which is starting a movement for a new school (and one of the only neighborhoods that didn't vote for him in the last election)?

The timing is very interesting - something tells me there's a money trail leading somewhere. My best guess is that Menino sees gold in them thar hills by converting to charters and saving money on BPS, which allows him to continue spendthrift policies elsewhere. End of the day, if the new charters can enjoy the success of the existing charters - doesn't matter if the kids are thriving, but the politics are curious.

As with many things Menino these days - more questions than answers.

Nah, they're just the ones who ran it

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The mayor's office sends those op-ed pieces to every single media outlet in town - and Universal Hub. I could've run it yesterday, too, but continued my policy of not running them.