Pissant West Virginia high-school principal learns you don't mess with Wellesley College

When a senior at a West Virginia high school went public with her complaints about a religious, pro-abstinence speaker at a school assembly, she says her principal threatened to try to get Wellesley College to rescind her admission.

Wellesley College had a simple response today.

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    Talk about a petty tyrant.

    I wouldn't be surprised if one of those "wealthy liberal hollywood types" decides to boost her financial aid package by more than a bit.

    don't be a jerk...

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    there are many reasons to be offended at the behavior of the principal in question, but the offensive name calling is really unnecessary. berating somebody based on weight or ancestry or geographic location is unkind.

    Vocabulary lesson

    Maybe it's time for a vocabulary lesson for the principal. Mr. Aulenbacher, what's the difference between puissant and pissant?


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    I ain't about to let no goddamn frenchy tell me how to beat my women!

    He needs more than a vocab lesson

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    Maybe it's time for a vocabulary lesson for the principal. Mr. Aulenbacher, what's the difference between puissant and pissant?

    Apparently he needs a civics lesson too that explains the meaning of the Establishment Clause.

    We all know

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    The only part of the Constitution that counts is the 2nd Amendment. And maybe the 3rd. I don't need no bluecoats in my dern livingroom.


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    Clearly, this principle doesn't know much about Wellesley or any liberal arts education to not realize that her actions would only serve to make her more attractive as a candidate.

    I continue to be amazed at the sheltered life of (some) modern young people. If you have never sat in a school officials office listening to them scream bizarre threats about your future, then I wonder if you are living up to your full potential.

    The stuff about not letting them leave presentation, that could be illegal. Or at least exposes the school to civil penalties. Every presentation concerning sex required a permission slip when i was a kid.

    If you read the article linked

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    the speaker was saying things like, "If your mom lets you go on birth control, she is doing it because she hates you," and "Birth control causes you to contract STDs and become sterile."

    There's abstinence-only education listing the pros of abstinence and the cons of sexual activity, and there are lies and verbal abuse. This falls into the latter category. No sex ed curriculum of any type (abstinence-only, comprehensive, etc.) should be giving ANY personal opinions. Only factual, medical pros and factual, medical cons.

    I was hoping Wellesley would

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    I was hoping Wellesley would egg this guy on to put his complaint in writing. We could all use it for a laugh.

    Well Ah do DEclare

    I think that Wellesley just told you to GOML, sir.
    And by sir, I mean, most recent southern religio who publicly made a horse's ass of himself.
    curtsey & hair twirl